04 March 2018

"Kill Teal" models (Vol. 6)

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For a bit of fun, we asked you to imagine how Teal might be "killed" again, now that this colour is back in the LEGO palette once more. We received 79 fun entries and are publishing a few every day, in the order they were received, and reveal the winners next week. Missed the previous entries? See them here.

The extremes people will go to...

By Tom (Inthert)

"I'm not crazy, you're crazy!!! Its reappearance in the Downtown Diner only proves my theory! Discontinuing teal wasn't enough! It must be removed from the archives to destroy it once and for all!"
- Extract from 'My Life as a Lego Conspiracy Theorist'.

Han, Luke and teal color bricks in trash compactor

By Patryk Ramus

Famous scene from Star Wars A New Hope in fresh edition with teal color bricks. Decision is yours. You can stop squeezer or let Han, Luke and teal color die. I hope, that you would save my favourite characters and my favourite lego color. :)

The Joker absolutely HATES Teal.

By Mark Brower

When it comes to teal, you don't mess with The Joker. It's the official scene of the crime as The Joker prepares to use his brand new gun on some teal in the back alley.

Darth Jar Jar Kills Teal

By Andrew Eden

Teal has come face to face with the most dangerous threat known to the galaxy, Darth Jar Jar. This evil villain has no pity, no emotions, and is the true embodiment of all evil. Teal doesn't stand a chance.

This creation was built using

I had a blast creating this scene and I hope you all enjoy!

Teal-killing and Brick re-purposing Facility 2000 (TkBrF.2000)

By Piotr Komos

Ever wondered how to kill teal as effective as possible, while making profit by re purposing the once teal pieces into beautiful purple ones? Of course you have, that's why I created this machine!
The pieces get fed into an apparatus, which destroys the color surface by bombarding the pieces with ionizing radiation, the color gets flushed out to the sides and is later burned. The now perfectly white pieces are transported to the high pressure painting device and dropped into a storage container.


By Daniel Barwegen

Fans: Our Teal! You have to fix it!
Mark Stafford: Fix it? Look, it has been disintegrated. By definition, it cannot be fixed

(Quote from Despicable Me)

Ps: Laser also lights up, you just can’t see the rest of the scene as well

What a nice kick

By Janet Yiu

with Ku Fung fighting and sawing machine to cut it into pieces... no more "Teal" will be alive!

Mark Stafford is Psycho!

By Joshua Allinger

He did it once, he'll do it again! Mark Stafford has it out for Teal and nothing, and I mean nothing!, will stop him from killing Teal dead.

Moby Teal

By Vlad Efremkin

I'll chase that teal whale round Good Hope, and over all sides of earth before I give him up!


By Ralf Langer

This happens when you work at TLC and screw up...

Conceal, don't Teal

By Pietro Bertoncelli

Quickly made after I had the idea just a few hours before the deadline.
Also, it's the first time ever that I try to create snow. Be clement :D

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  1. My hopes have run out... I had hoped someone would have made a portal entry were teal bricks were thrown into an aperture science insinerator. Great and cool entries nonetheless! I hope the winner will be made into a real set...

    1. We were waiting for you to build that!

    2. Too bad GLADoS didn't think about that! (Video game joke) Also, I agree. These are some pretty cool and FUNNY models. I especially love the Jar Jar one! It's going to be tough judging.

    3. Glad the entries are firing off more ideas! Yes, the judges had a tough time because of the number of quality of entries, but they very quickly agreed on the winners. I hope we can publish them on Wednesday.

  2. Could you tell me for sure if my entry made it before the deadline? I'd hate to wait for two weeks to not see mine in here... Thanks!

    1. It will be published tomorrow Joseph!

  3. Did anyone else notice that the Technic fig in What A Nice Kick, who is destroying teal parts, has teal on his shoulders? That's kind of like the Burger King ads where they had Mr. Potatohead shilling for their French fries.