05 March 2018

"Kill Teal" models (Vol. 7)

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Today we present the final entries we received in our contest where we asked you to imagine how LEGO® designer and AFOL Mark Stafford might kill off Teal again, now that this colour is back in the LEGO palette once more. Missed the previous entries? See them here.


By Ralf Langer

A rather unobtrusive way :-)


By Ralf Langer

Rumors say that the killing of teal was only a huge cover-up and that the parts are hidden somewhere...

What do you mean this color makes me look fat?

By Reese Hawthorne

Ah, that age old question: "does this dress make me look fat?" Unfortunately, Mark Stafford has given the wrong answer and once again doomed teal...

This was just a funny idea I thought up when I saw the contest, and thankfully I was able to find the time to put it into Thanks for putting on the contest, and let's hope Mark Stafford doesn't actually kill teal again!

Taking things literally...

By Igor R

...often allows you to see the essence!

Don't do it, kids.

The Chopping Block

By Colby Ostrin

Chopping the blocks...literally!

Zombie Teal: Back from the Dead

By Miro Dudas

Teal was killed once before and it's back from the dead, this time as a zombie teal color. Can it be killed yet again?

Depicted in a BrickHeadz zombie figure format. Digital entry, because teal zombies have not showed up at my door...yet.

His mom doesn't like stepping on a Lego

By Simon Gebraad

The final nail in the coffin for teal was when Mark's mom stepped on some teal bricks laying on the floor. Saving them from the VACUUM OF DEATH was impossible. And thus, the story of teal ended.

Death by Additive Colors

By Joseph Grysban

When I heard "kill teal", I, being very logically minded, thought: "Killing a color is taking the color out of it". So that's what I did. I took teal and purple (yes, the color that Mark chose) and mixed them to kill them both! Sand blue is what they make. Personally, I'd rather have that than either teal or purple. :)
Many thanks.

Stafford's Choice: Trolley Problem Edition

By Ryan Howerter

The Death of Teal Solo

By Kirtus Anderson

An alternate version of Teal's untimely demise. Based off the Han Solo scene from the 2016 Star Wars movie "The Force Awakens". Rendered in Meca-Bricks

Teal Grinder

By Okay Yaramanoglu

What's the best way to kill teal? Put it in the grinder! This Teal-O-Matic 3000 state-of-the-art teal grinder will turn any teal colored LEGO parts into manageable strings of ground teal with a satisfying crunching sound! Satisfaction guaranteed! Call now to order yours today!

That's it! Who do you think will win? We will announce the judges' choices on Wednesday.

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  1. Brilliant Trolley scene! Those pellets look horrifying.

  2. I loved seeing all these entries. Thanks for the awesome entries guys!

  3. The trolley problem scene is by far my favorite of the whole bunch, not only because it's a great build but also because of its memetic nature and the accuracy of the analogy to "Stafford's Choice". Bonus points for using the right kind of purple (the one Mark Stafford saved is Medium Lilac/Dark Purple, not what Bricklink calls "Purple" which had already been retired by that point).

  4. Indeed, the Trolley Problem is also my favourite so far :)
    Nice contest, lots of great entries.

  5. Funny, the trolley is not even in my top 20. I don't like the picture composition and the background. Maybe another angle or zooming in could improve this.

  6. The Trolley Problem gets a bonus bump right now because the actual Trolley Problem conundrum featured somewhat heavily in the past season of The Good Place.

  7. OK, Repetition of themes by numbers:
    swept under the rug - 2
    vacuum cleaned away - 2
    death by light saber - 2
    fed to a monster - 5
    exploded - 5
    melted / vaporized - 6
    slain as sentinent / zombie - 7
    crushed / pressed - 7
    painted purple - 7
    painted another colour than purple - 7

    =) I wonder whether it is a case of 'great mind think alike' or whether me ought to be ashamed of our collective lack of imagination - LOL -(my entry fell in the 'melt it down' category)

    All the entries were a lot of fun to browse. =)

    1. Hahahaaaa! Thanks for the stats. That's funny