03 March 2018

"Kill Teal" models (Vol. 5)

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We asked you to imagine how LEGO® designer and AFOL Mark Stafford might kill off Teal again, now that this colour is back in the LEGO palette once more. We received 79 entries and are publishing a few every day, in the order they were received, and reveal the winners in just a few days' time. Missed the previous entries? See them here.

Killing the reputation

By Igor R

I think we can all agree that casually phasing out a Lego colour is no way to go and is extremely unethical. What must be done is the colour's reputation has to be destroyed first, after which people themselves may demand to let go of the dreaded shade.

It just so happens that a maniacal angel dressed in Teal and allowed to run amok happens to be a great solution to the problem. Just make sure you add a dash of Purple (preferably of the firearm kind), and you're as good as done! Enjoy the show!

He have chosen.

By Aleksandar Petrovic

He did what he had to do. No hard feelings.

ABS Grinder

By Tomas Cizauskas

Nothing can survive metal grinder, even teal bricks. So this is the our last hope...

Rise of the dead teal

By Daniel Hillberg

As the undead teal rose from the ground, Mark shooted at the monster. As fast as the monster rose, it was dead, on its grave,lifeless.

Tealminator 2 - Judgement Day

By Brian Schuch

In the Year of Darkness, 2006, the rulers of Lego devised the ultimate plan. They would reshape the color pallet by eradicating purple or teal. The plan required a designer that felt no pity. No pain. No fear. Something unstoppable. They created 'THE TEALMINATOR'

This time he's back...for good!

Kill Teal Vol. 2: Ultimate Teal Killerbot

By Chi Wing Lee

Teal Zombies have risen from the dead and they are on their way to take revenge! Fortunately, the visionary Mark Stafford always knows this day would come. With the purple bricks he saved, Mark built the Ultimate Teal Killerbot, armed with the deadliest weapon for Teal Zombies, the Teal Destroyer, which can turn normal purple paint into corrosive liquid. Mark also allies himself with Red and Orange. With all these gadgets and friends, can he finally kill Teal once and for all this time?

The Death Star Desroys Teal Earth

By Ivan Overchuk

The Death Star is a very spectacular and the best way to kill teal. And don't even try to argue with me!

Crushing teal

By Daniel Hillberg

"Today on hydraulic brick channel, we will flatten teal out of existance"

Blow It Up!

By Daniel Metcalf

One way Mark Stafford could kill teal again is by blowing it up with a missile.

The Doom of Being Dino Dinner

By Daniel Metcalf

If the dinosaurs eat it, I don't think that it will come back.

The Lord of the Teal

By Daniel Metcalf

After a long quest, Mark Stafford has made it to Mount Doom where he can destroy the colour forever.

Tick Tick Tick

By Daniel Metcalf

In 12 minutes, the bomb will go off, and teal will be no more.

It Shall Not Be Unearthed For 10,000 Years!

By Daniel Metcalf

If Mark Stafford buried teal in a ancient Egyptian crypt, it would be quite a while before it came back again.

Uncertain Doom.

By Daniel Metcalf

All I know is that one minute teal was sitting there on the X, and the next, there was nothing.

"If You Strike Me Down..."

By David Ruck

Teal may have been struck down, but it became more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

I attempted to capture the original camera shot from Star Wars.

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  1. Strike me down! That's the best one I've seen yet!

  2. So I'm looking at the "angel" in the first entry, trying to figure out what some of the gun parts are, and I suddenly notice the scope. Then other similar situations start to pop out at me across the whole model. This "build" is physically impossible without both cutting and gluing parts. Some are intersected, and others have no matching connection points. The scope happens to be an example of both, as the front of the scope appears to have several 1x1 round plates stacked inside of each other to turn the repeated flanges into ribbed surfaces. It's definitely interesting, but I think I would have preferred to see what the designer could have come up with that would be physically buildable (not counting the color palette).

    1. Thanks! The build does not feature any illegal connections. For instance, the scope is Eraser Man's head. Maybe a different angle will help...