New LEGO parts in sets

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Which are the latest LEGO® bricks in the newest sets? What new printed pieces are there? Which elements now come in new colours? We've developed resources with TobyMac from Rebrickable to answer these important questions! 

Go straight to the latest list: July 2024

Or, if you're looking for the newest pieces to be added to LEGO Pick a Brick, see here.

Where can I get new LEGO® bricks?

Whether you need loose LEGO elements for a building project or as replacement parts, there are two main options.

  • People buy LEGO sets and "part them out" to sell brick by brick on third-party websites, at a price set by the seller. The best-known sites for this are BrickLink and BrickOwl. You can search their catalogs of parts to find brand new (or used) pieces from sellers all around the world. 
    • The very newest LEGO parts can take time to appear on these sites because they rely upon the community adding them to the site, and administrators approving them.
    • You can also find old bricks on these sites too, including discontinued LEGO moulds and printed pieces. 
  • LEGO® Pick a Brick (follow our affiliate link – we may earn a small fee) is the official loose brick service from The LEGO Group. Parts are often cheaper than the third-party sites mentioned above; sometimes not! You can search their catalog to find "Bestsellers" which are faster to receive, or "Standard" which can take much longer. 
    • The newest parts take a minimum of three months to be added to Pick a Brick.  See our list of the newest parts to be added to Pick a Brick here.
    • Some parts take longer to be added, and some parts - especially ones featuring designs from licensed IPs like Disney and Marvel - are never added.
    • Elements are periodically removed from Pick a Brick.

List of the newest LEGO bricks in sets


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  1. Were there no new parts in September?

    1. Yes? They were delayed but September is listed on this page