09 May 2024

LEGO® Pick a Brick: element removal June 2024

Posted by Admin

Advance notice to help you plan your shopping! LEGO® Pick a Brick (PaB) are going to remove more than 150 elements from the service in late June / early July 2024.

View the list of Last Chance PaB here, which can be sorted by colour or category.

Should you buy now?

Now is a good time to be buying because earlier this month, the new elements from January 2024 LEGO sets were added to PaB. You may prefer to wait until early June though, when many new elements from February sets are expected to be added. Mind you, now this has been announced, these parts might sell out!

We hope the list is helpful for you to catch things you want before they leave.


  1. lordofthebricks11 May 2024, 16:32:00

    Many are already removed. I hate when they do this.

    1. lordofthebricks11 May 2024, 17:37:00

      It turns out I just forgot to turn on the visibility of out-of-stock parts...

  2. I checked the more generic parts. and a lot of these are already back with a new elementID or part number.

    1. I did wonder about that - it seemed strange to be losing some of those pieces. I wonder if we could code something to deal with that. (Or more ideally, that LEGO could!)