17 November 2019

2019 Parts Fest #2: Tim Goddard's tablescraps

Posted by Elspeth De Montes
Tim Goddard (Rogue Bantha) is co-author of LEGO Space: Building the Future and a regular contributor to New Elementary, thanks to his ability to face any LEGO® challenge. He even managed to create ingenious builds when we slung a pile of seaside polybags at him from the LEGO Xtra theme. This time Tim was a lot happier with the parts.

What a cornucopia of loveliness this parts fest is, almost an embarrassment of riches. There are almost too many cool parts to explore but I will do my best. It is like several parts fests have come at once but for me the stand out is the good Batman family bag (that is the one with all the 3.18mm bar dream selection known as Mini Accessory, No. 11 also in Silver Metallic – 6266977|50018) so you will see parts from that in all but one of my builds.


As is traditional, I will start with table scraps and build up. With so any exciting parts it is hard to explore them all in depth and I had a hard time working out where to start but I started here.

I quickly moved to explore the 120º 3.18mm piece. Combined with the Holder No. 1 (Element 61093212 | Design ID 20612) from a previous parts fest, it can bend and twist. My Parts Fest Count (PFC) for this model is 6 pieces. A few hundred of each and you would have a brane. Maybe this is what our universe ultimately looks like on the multi-dimensional macro scale?

PFC, 16 pieces
The right angle 3.18 bar piece is the real star of this one.

Alarm Clock

PFC, 7
It’s parts fest time! With some shocking illegal connections this alarm clock is sure to wake you up.

The gap around the Fatboy wheel rim, Motorcycle Rim Ø 75 Solid in Medium Stone Grey/ Light Bluish Gray (6268590|46334), is a fairly tight squeeze for a 1x1 plate but it holds nicely once in.

Palm Tree

What grows from acorns? Palm trees of course!

Hospital Dignity

The colour of Bo Peep’s staff, Tool, No. 10 in Medium Azure (625615749492) made me think of a hospital curtain so that is what what I made.

PFC, 24
“I am not sure putting that piece in your ear is a legal connection sir, it’s going to be harder to get out than a polycarbonate lightsaber blade from a headlight brick.”

The grenade bits from Mini Accessory, No. 10 in Silver Metallic/ Flat Silver (6266155|40598) ended up making nice bed legs.

Beautiful Round Thing

PFC, 20

The ship's wheel next, alongside the new 1x8x3 slope, to make this round thing. It has potential, I am just not sure for what yet.

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