15 November 2019

LEGO® Hidden Side Review: 70418 J.B.’s Ghost Lab

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With so many amazing Parts Festival builds pouring out of our talented builders, let's just take a little break – and round off our reviews of LEGO® Hidden Side sets! Ben Davies takes a look at 70418 J.B.’s Ghost Lab.

To complete our coverage of LEGO Hidden Side, today we will be examining the smallest of the retail sets, 70418 J.B.’s Ghost Lab. As the set name would suggest, this set depicts the laboratory where scientist extraordinaire J.B. studies the ghosts that are haunting Newbury, and tests out the latest ghost-hunting gadgets.

New and Notable Elements

When it comes to new or exclusive elements, 70418 is rather disappointing. The three new moulds which appear here are used solely for character accessories and Spencer the ghost dog, and appear across the Hidden Side theme. (L to R: 56202 | 6271329, 65233 | 6279104, 56053 | 6271131)

Similarly, the two new 1x2 tiles with smartphone prints created for the Hidden Side theme are also present. (L to R: 6275081, 6271133)

Unfortunately, this is where the list of notable parts ends. Somewhat surprisingly, 70418 does not feature any new part recolours.


70418 features three minifigures: Jack Davids, J.B., and Douglas Elton. Unfortunately, none of the figures are exclusive and, as mentioned previously, the only new elements are reserved for Jack’s hood/hat and J.B.’s hair.

A head with a ghost print and a Spring Yellowish-Green hairpiece are also included, which can be swapped with Douglas Elton’s regular head and hairpiece to show possession.

Building Process

With no interesting new elements or recolours, our focus shifts to the construction of the actual lab model.

The first bag is relatively straightforward, used to construct the base of the model, as well as the 3D Printer and color-swapper.

The second bag is considerably more interesting, being used to build the computer and lab equipment which complete the model. The front of the model features a computer console, 3D printer, and turning color switcher which is designed for used with the Hidden Side app.

The back of the model features a ladder which can be used to access the upper level of the laboratory. A sticker is applied to a 1x5x6 panel to create an x-ray viewer and a wall of notes.


While J.B.’s Ghost Lab serves as a competent set on its own, it ultimately proves to be rather unremarkable when looked at in the context of the larger Hidden Side theme.

Despite the absence of any exclusive elements, the set does feature a nice assortment of parts in a variety of colors, so may be of interest to builders looking to augment their collection with a parts pack.

Ultimately, this set offers a nice sample of the Hidden Side theme, and is perfectly serviceable as a playset, but disproportionately pales in comparison to other sets in the Hidden Side theme at slightly higher price points.

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