05 November 2019

2019 Parts Fest #2: Oscar Cederwall's geometric joys

Posted by Elspeth De Montes
Following Andreas Lenander, our second Parts Festival builder is Oscar Cederwall, a fantastic builder also from Sweden. He is probably best known for his spaceships and other vehicles, but Oscar is very much an all round talented guy when it comes to LEGO® MOCs. Here is the first bunch of his explorations and creations.

The two accessory parts packs in Silver Metallic/Flat Silver from new Batman sets (Mini Accessory, No. 10 - 6266155|40598 & No. 11 – 6266977|50018) will undoubtedly be used as greebling by many builders. I thought it was fun to connect them in geometric patterns.

In particular, it is fun to see the angle on the "gun" part is 72 degrees so that it exactly matches up when five are used to create a pentagon. Most guns don't match up like this, but maybe this is becoming a standard given that the Overwatch weapon also does the same.

The many connections points inspired me to build this pie-baking machine.

Here is another use of some of those greebly bits for this surveillance drone, or is it a microsale spaceship?

And this monster seems to have figured out the secret to opening the door of his prison. Or is he just a bouncer, letting you in to an exclusive space club?

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  1. Are those lightsaber hilts coral?

    1. I thought so too! Red apparently... just weird colour balance

    2. Oh. Still, as much as I adore Vibrant Coral, I can't think of any uses for a coral lightsaber hilt.

  2. Wow I REALLY hope those accessory packs eventually show up in black or grey in some set. They will make excellent micro domes, roll cages, exo suits, and all kinds of nice bar/clip connections that are currently kind of bulky or of unreliable clutch.

  3. These parts bring my dream of a LEGO DNA molecule a step closer.