05 September 2019

2019 Parts Fest #1: Jarekwally's chair and speeder

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Following his earlier creations for our Parts Festival, LEGO® builder Jaroslaw Walter (jarekwally) focuses on some of the stranger elements among our seed parts.

Office chair

For the base of my retro furniture I used three of the seed parts: Black Turntable 2X2X1 w/ Function (6252373| 40145), Dark Stone Grey Turntable Holder W/ Cross Axle (6252372|40144) and Black Pneumatic Connecting Piece, No. 1 (6249327|41817).

I actually combined the two black parts, 40145 and 41817, together – and they fit perfectly, as you can see.

Speeder Bike

I created another connection between 40145 and 41817; trickier this time. The pneumatic end of  41817 easily fits into the studs of 40145. Two of them attached look like a engine.

Next, like in Office Chair, I used another 41817 to which I joined Arm, No. 1 (6224518|28660).

Thanks to this connection, visible in the pictures below, the Speeder Bike can easily turn.

If this arm part were to appear in black in future, this combination could find a variety of applications.


To finish my contribution, here are some other interesting connections I found with these pieces which you may find useful in your own models.

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