18 March 2018

London AFOLs: Abstract

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We took a box of new LEGO® pieces to a meet up of London AFOLs for some fast-paced building adventures. London AFOLs meet in a pub every second Monday of the month, and new and international visitors are always welcome. Check out the group on

Last time we shared some of the real-world objects the builders made; today it's the abstract builds. People had just 20 minutes to create something using some new LEGO parts, some elements that have recently come in new colours, and London AFOLs' general brick stock. 

Love this simple usage of  Brick 1X1X1 2/3 W/ Vert Knobs in Bright Red [TLG]/Red [BL] (Element ID 6187620|Design ID 32952) to create a spiral. Those 1x4 tiles are Bright Green (6195267|2431); these are back again having briefly appeared in 2012/13. They come in the exclusive set 21037 LEGO House which also introduces 1x1 tiles in this colour!

We had plenty of Reddish Brown hinge bases (6186045|3937) with the accompanying 2x2 top (6167644|6134) and here is a fascinating technique one of our builders came up with simply by using eight of these pairings, with Garmadon hats to finish. These brown hinge pairs come in sets like Brickheadz 41595 Belle (available at Amazon USA).

Good morning sunshine! 1x4 plates with 2 studs in Flame Yellowish Orange [TLG]/Bright Light Yellow [BL] (6022014|92593) are radiating thanks to the 2x2 wedge plates in Medium Stone Grey [TLG]/Light Bluish Gray [BL] (6163477|24307) formed into a ring using hinge plates in Earth Blue [TLG]/Dark Blue [BL] (6135593|19954).

On the subject of those 2x2 wedge plates... we suffered that classic AFOL problem of having loads of righthand ones and no lefthand! That didn't stop this builder who used them for pretty tessellations.

I love the negative space created by these, ably filled here by 6x6 plates in Sand Green (6186830|3958) which are a recent addition to this part's palette, along with Earth Green [TLG]/Dark Green [BL] as Elspeth recently noted.

Talk about going off-grid! These Garmadon hats - the Ninjago Mini Hat No.19 (Design ID 26007), also known as Minifig, Headgear Hat, Conical Asian with Raised Center on BrickLink - sit in a neat triangular arrangement thanks to sitting on a bed of 1x4 plates with 2 studs. This is a great use of the latter part, as it is the space between the 2 studs that permits this yellow grid to be deformed.

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  1. I've got a few questions about these. For the spiral of bricks at the top, what's the official LEGO name for Bright Green again? Is that one of the rare instances where their color name matches the common AFOL color name?

    I've actually considered using the double hinge trick in MOCs before, but don't think I've ever actually found the right situation before. Anyways, I count 14 in the ring. Are the other two used as a base, or hidden under the hat? Is the hat just set in the center?

    And for the last image, I believe the lack of center studs on the yellow 1x4 plates means you could fully collapse the grid. I just checked, and regular 1x4 plates can go slightly more acute than 60° before the sides of the plates bump into the studs, so as long as those hats are no less than 3 studs in diameter, I think that build would be possible with regular 1x4 plates. I don't own any of those hats, though, so I don't have a way to test this.

  2. It seems that Bright Green actually matches between Bricklink and TLG. BL "Green" on the other hand matches TLG "Dark Green", while BL "Dark Green" matches TLG "Earth Green". Slightly confusing.

    1. And that last build looks like a chocolate cracker.