14 June 2017

Lettering contest: Entries (Vol.6)

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We are down to the penultimate bunch of entries into our LEGO® lettering contest. Yes, nearly there! Click any image to view larger.

For all images, please be aware that COPYRIGHT IS OWNED BY THE ENTRANT. So, for example, using their design or posting these images elsewhere without their consent might not be cool with them. If you want to get in touch with someone, you can use the contact form (on desktop version of the site in the righthand column) to ask me, and I will let them know.

Li Li

"Fun fact: I actually took a class on how to write in Gothic before I could speak English."
"The macaroni brick can be replaced by the new macaroni tile. But it doesn't come in any of the colors that the other pieces come in. So I stuck with the brick."

Jeffrey Kong

"To me, the LEGO DNA is about inspiring people to learn and create with their hands. Here I’ve chosen to depict these two words in Braille, which empowers the visually handicapped by allowing them to read with their fingers."

I love how the new round tiles allow for more organic shapes. The Braille dots also happen to look like the nucleus and other structures within a cell. :)"

Clark Taylor
"Hello, I’m Clark Taylor, an AFOL from Germany “specialized” in micro builds. I made the font in (and cheated a little bit, by using macaroni bricks instead of tiles, since part 27925 is still not implemented in I hope you like it and I’m looking forward to see the other entries! Have a nice evening."

Mark Anderson

"Using the new curved tiles, I've recreated the font TLG has used over the years for the logos of their Duplo, Quatro, Baby, and Primo lines. While the lack of a 3x3 curve tile prevents building solid bubble letters, the variety of curved tile radii available makes it easy enough to create beautiful curved outlines. Filling the loops with colorful 2x2 round tiles continues the theme. TLG's logos provided a template for most but not all of the 7 letters. The "a" required a bit of simplification in the corner to work with the available pieces. The "g" and the "n" could be mostly interpolated from features of the "q" and the "m". The biggest challenge was the "e" because the loops and curves are tighter than any of the letters in TLG's logos. To keep the scale and style comparable to the other letters, I squeezed the line width down to one stud on the top and bottom of the upper loop. I'm looking forward to expanding this font with other tricky letters (like the "k") and using it for a MOC at BrickFair Virginia this summer."

Gary Makin

Brian D'Agostine

Luc Byard

"Negative space font created in LDD."

Okay Yaramanoglu
"A simple, rounded, lowercase font inspired by the AMC font."

Okay Yaramanoglu
"A Times New Roman style serif font."

Okay Yaramanoglu
"This is the most minimalistic, smallest font I could make."

Okay Yaramanoglu

"A Tron-inspired font."

Okay Yaramanoglu
"A futuristic stencil font."

Okay Yaramanoglu

"A bubbly, blue font with a cool white racing stripe."

Okay Yaramanoglu

"An art deco font inspired by the title font of Batman: The Animated Series."

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  1. This is an excellent and creative collection in what was already a high standard set by the other posts. Makes my entry look a little mundane. Well done all who have entered! I especially like the tron, duplo, and Braille fonts, but some of the more regular styles in all collections are also very stylish. Such a great idea for a competition.

    1. I agree Alan. My entries are ho-hum now too. Pretty sure a winner will emerge from this bunch. :)