16 June 2017

Lettering contest: Entries (Vol.7)

Posted by Admin
Here are the final entries received for our LEGO® lettering contest. Looks like you guys have been enjoying them as much as I have! Click any image to view larger.

For all images, please be aware that COPYRIGHT IS OWNED BY THE ENTRANT. So, for example, using their design or posting these images elsewhere without their consent might not be cool with them. If you want to get in touch with someone, you can use the contact form (on desktop version of the site in the righthand column) to ask me, and I will let them know.

Okay Yaramanoglu

"A very 'Basic' font with a primary color scheme to give it that certain 'Lego DNA'".

Okay Yaramanoglu
"A bold ESPN-inspired font."

Okay Yaramanoglu

"A big 3D font that is shaped like Lego bricks."

Okay Yaramanoglu

"A fiery font that dissolves into studs, revealing its Lego DNA."

Jonas Kovacs

"This was so much fun to make it and I hope we'll see similar competitions in the future on your blog! It's a very unique contest with very unique prizes, and I love it. :) Keep up with the great work!"

Nathan Wells

"Thanks for running such a fun competition!"

Maciej Bloch

Andrew Danieli

Oli Gunson
"Here is my submission for the competition. I am a Typography and Graphic Communication student from the University of Reading, so have gone for a slightly historical approach. You will see the type set backwards on metal type, the first way of printing type created by Gutenberg."

"I have opted for a serif typeface as I think Lego lends itself more to a sans-serif typeface – so I fancied the challenge!"

Simon Hundsbichler

Nick Walus

"I was a little bit stressed as I thought that I'd have to design a whole alphabet - what I actually did in the end. Just now I read that I just had to write "Lego DNA" but that's too late now. Cheers, Nick"

Peter Gea

Rob Culbertson

"Attached is my custom font using only Lego plates. I'm planning on turning this into a fully functioning font, with two versions as shown. "

"This was a fun and inspiring contest!"

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  1. I like Simon Hundsbichler's unique take on the contest, creating a micro font using overlapping small parts. Took a while to figure out how he transformed the back of the 4085 Plate, Modified 1 x 1 with Clip Vertical into an "A". By messing with the image brightness, I was able to see that left side is hidden with a black minifig hand, the top with shadow, and the right masked with another 4085 plate, in black. Clever.

    1. Agreed. And he beats my 1x2 font for size!

  2. I just viewed all 7 posts with entries. Awesome! So much creativeness in 1 place. So many great ideas. It was really a pleasure to see them all.

    Now I guess it is gonna be hard to choose winners with soooo many awesome designs.

    Good luck to contestants and... to judges ;D

  3. Okay Yaramanoglu's ESPN font initially sent my mind another direction. It made me think of the title font for Star Trek: The Next Generation. But that says much more about my own interests than anything else; it's a quite faithful recreation of the sports network's font, missing only the subtle italic slant (which would be impossible on the LEGO grid).

    1. It's closer to Blade Runner than Star Trek: The Next Generation.