08 June 2017

Lettering contest: Entries (Vol. 1)

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Well I did promise to message our competition winners yesterday but life has a habit of getting in the way! However us judges are indeed working to whittle down all the entries we received (more than 100!) to a mere three - it's not easy I can tell you. You guys are awesome! I'm absolutely blown away with the variety and ingenuity of the entries.

In the meantime, we can now share all these great entries with you. With so many, they will be split over several posts. Click any image to view larger.

For all images, please be aware that COPYRIGHT IS OWNED BY THE ENTRANT. So, for example, using their design or posting these images elsewhere without their consent might not be cool with them. If you want to get in touch with someone, you can use the contact form (on desktop version of the site in the righthand column) to ask me, and I will let them know.

William Ramsey

Umbra Manis

Edwinder Singh

"Font Name: Lego Future v1"

Colin Doyle

Artemiy Karpinskiy
"This "tilephabet" as I call it was a go-to for me for quite some time, although for the reasons of this contest I specifically changed it to include the new tile pieces. The "original" font can be found on some of my Flickr photos.  Tilephabet is made to be minimalistic and always available when I need it. The image was processed in POV-Ray solely for pretty looks."

alvaro garcia

"1920's style typeface"

alvaro garcia

"bauhaus style"

alvaro garcia
"the smallest typeface I can do!"

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  1. Awesome entries so far! I can't wait to see what everyone has come up with.

  2. this looks great! where can i find the original contest page?

    1. oops yeah meant to add that Here you go

    2. great, thanks! even though i see that the entry is closed ;)

  3. I did just run across the original contest post in the last week, noticed it had been closed, and was wondering when we could expect to see something of the results.

    Of the styles shown so far, I think I like Alvaro's 1920's typeface the best, though it's interesting to note that I think his L and E are the only two letters shown so far that don't feature any seed parts (which is not necessarily a bad thing). Props to Edwinder and Artimey for actually fleshing out all 26 letters, even though the rules didn't require it.

    It's interesting to note that, of the five seed parts, all five have already seen use within this batch, but most of these entries don't use more than two, and the most that any use is three. Also, it appears that Edwinder's Future LEGO V1 has the only ten letters so far that individually use three seed parts (bcdfgkmpqw), and even though it has the second highest number of letters, it appears to have the least number that only used one seed part (just the "i").