10 April 2024

Jason Cichon's MOC with LEGO® Marvel™ set 76282 Rocket & Baby Groot

Posted by Thomas Jenkins

We're having a week of showcasing MOCs at New Elementary, and today we're pleased to welcome a new guest builder, Jason Cichon. Originally from Adelaide, South Australia, this year Jason wowed us at Melbourne's annual mega-event Brickvention with his folding model, The Boxed Arcadia

We sent Jason a copy of LEGO® Marvel™ 76282 Rocket & Baby Groot, but invited him to create his own model. Keep reading to see how he went!

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76282 Rocket & Baby Groot
US$59.99/ £54.99/ 59.99€/ AU$89.99
566 parts
Released 01 January 2024

Set 76282 on

The main part that inspired me when I saw 76282 Rocket & Baby Groot was Plant Plate, Round 1 x 2 with Leaf (3565), unique to this set in Reddish Brown, used for Rocket’s ears. 

My initial thought was to use it as a beaver’s tail, but I quickly remembered that I am Australian, and that our animals deserve more LEGO love. 

So, from Rocket Raccoon I give you Pocket Platypus!

One (well, actually two) of my favourite parts to use are found in abundance in this set: Slope Curved 2 x 1 with Stud Notch Right and Left (29119 & 29120) – 13 of each in Reddish Brown, 4 of each in Dark Blue and 2 of each in White. These are perfect for shaping wildlife, with the notches ideal as the platypus’ nostrils.

I had set out to create an alternate build – using only parts from the set – but I needed something to help pose the platypus over the base. This gave me an opportunity to finally use last year’s Bar Curved with Axle End and 1 x 1 Round Plate (4042). I’m told by the New Elementary powers-that-be that, as this is just being used to pose the main model, this still rates as an alt build!

You can enjoy more of Jason Cichon's work on Flickr.

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  1. Well done Jason Cichon

  2. A platypus?
    *Platypus puts on hat*

    (sorry, it needed to be done!)

  3. Oh! that's such a good platypus! Such a funny wiggly creature!