24 November 2023

LEGO® Ideas review: 21343 Viking Village

Posted by tobymac

Skål! Today’s set takes us back in time, in terms of both world history and LEGO® history. So raise your horn of mead and toast to the return of the Vikings.

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LEGO® Ideas 21343 Viking Village
US$129.99/ £124.99/ 139.99€/ AU$209.99
2103 parts
October 2023
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When The LEGO Group was developing their first themes back in the 1970s, Vikings were pitched to be the subject of the historical theme, but were denied their glory by LEGO Castle, which launched in 1978. It took until 2005 for LEGO® Vikings to finally land, bringing us 7 playsets and a chess board. Over the following years, Vikings were kept in our consciousness by 3 Collectible Minifigures, and LEGO® Creator 3-in-1 set 31132 Viking Ship and the Midgard Serpent in 2022. 

Now, in 2023, we land on home soil through LEGO® Ideas set 21343 Viking Village. 

The elements


As is usual with (most) LEGO Ideas sets, there are no new molds to be found, but we do get 5 recolors.

  • 54x Tile Special 1 x 2 Grille with Bottom Groove in Medium Nougat (6452541 | 35248)
  • 8 x Wedge Sloped 45° 2 x 2 Corner in Medium Nougat (6452538 | 13548)
  • 4 x Animal / Creature Body Part, Claw with Clip in Reddish Brown (6441774 | 3171)
  • 3 x Slope 45° 2 x 1 Triple with Inside Stud Holder is new in Reddish Brown (6452539 | 15571), but has appeared in the 3048c version between 2006 and 2012.
  • 3 x Plant, Fern 2 x 3 x 2 in White (6439714 | 2682) is the 6th recolor for this 2023 mold already. It can also be found in 10325 Alpine Lodge, released on the same day as Viking Village.

New prints

The original LEGO Viking sets contained printed dishes as shields, but in this set the warriors carry around the proper shields introduced in 2012 for Captain America and the LEGO® Lord of the Rings sets. There are 2 new prints, and we get 2 of both here; Minifig Shield Round Bowed with Yellow/Dark Green Panels, Gold Dragon (Viking) print in Dark Bluish Gray (6449632 | 104738) and Minifig Shield Round Bowed with Dark Red/Blue Panels, Silver Bird (Viking) print in Dark Bluish Gray (6446939 | 104511). 

The mead or beer is packed in 2 barrels sealed with a newly printed Tile Round 2 x 2 with Dark Red Coiled Serpent print in Medium Nougat (6451322 | 104789). 

The blacksmith wields a hammer showing a copper print of runes (6446943 | 104513). As far as I can find, these are not genuine runes but rather styled versions of the letters b and h; a nod to the fan designer BrickHammer. 

In the village’s entrance we find a rock with a carving of a Dark Red coiled serpents and boat, printed on a Tile Special 2 x 3 Pentagonal in Light Bluish Gray (6449634 | 104740). The buildings in the village are decorated with a Reddish Brown Tile 1 x 4 spotting a Gold version of the serpent, of which we get 6 in this set.

There are no stickers in this set.


The village is inhabited by 4 figures, all bringing newly printed elements. Don’t complain about the horned helmets are not historically accurate: both the fan designer and the set designers acknowledge this in the instruction manual:

“Even though this set does not aspire to depict a realistic Viking Village (for one, I included the 100% fictive horns on the helmets), the inspiration for the project was a combination of my interest in Viking history and nostalgia for a classic 1990s LEGO Vikings set (7018 Viking Ship Challenges the Midgard Serpent).”

- Florian (aka BrickHammer in the LEGO® Ideas community)

(Florian was misquoted here. They meant to say he was inspired by the Viking sets and sets from his youth, the 1990s.)

“Both of Florian's models really express how I imagined Vikings when I was a child. Strong, adventurous and a bit magical!... Although not all the graphics in the final model are historically faithful, they are all heavily inspired by the Viking culture. We wanted the model to inspire storytelling and find a nice balance between history and fiction.”

- Johanna Wurm Jensen, LEGO® Ideas Graphic Designer

On the left:

  • Helmet Viking with Side Horn Holes in Titanium Metallic / Pearl Titanium (6391821 | 53450). This helmet was introduced in the original Vikings theme in 2005, but comes here as a recolor.
  • New printed head in Bright Yellow/ Yellow (6446937 | 104509)
  • New printed torso in Olive Green (6460998 | 76382)
  • New printed legs in Dark Orange (6451320 | 104787)

Center left:

  • New printed head in Bright Yellow/ Yellow (6446935 | 104507)
  • New printed torso in Black (6460919 | 76382)
  • New printed legs in Dark Red (6449631 | 104737)

Center right:

  • Recolor for Hair Tail High, Curly in Brick Yellow/ Tan (6454364 | 69857)
  • Torso in Dark Stone Grey / Dark Bluish Gray (6399355 | 76382) has appeared once before in 31132 Viking Ship and the Midgard Serpent from 2022.
  • New printed legs in Earth Blue/ Dark Blue (6451321 | 104788)

On the right:

  • The same helmet as the figure on the left. The horns on the helmet are not new, but were first found in 2005 in the Vikings theme, as well as some Dino 2010 and Bionicle Playsets sets.
  • This is the only fig without a new torso, but instead takes one from 31132 Viking Ship and the Midgard Serpent from 2022.
  • New printed legs in Sand Yellow/ Dark Tan (6449633 | 104739)

Other notable elements 

These elements are not new, but have appeared in just a few sets:

  • Wedge Plate 8 x 8 Cut Corner in Dark Azure (6227714 | 30504) has appeared in 1 set in 2018
  • Wedge Plate 6 x 6 Cut Corner in Dark Azure (6355722 | 6106) has been seen in 2 sets since 2022
  • Plant, Fern 2 x 3 x 2 in Earth Green/ Dark Green (6447541 | 2682) was introduced in August 2023, and marks its 3rd appearance here
  • Brick Special 1 x 2 with Groove in Medium Nougat (6325913 | 4216) has appeared in 1 set in 2023
  • Cylinder 1 x 5 1/2 with Handle (Friction Cylinder) in Reddish Brown (6446092 | 31509) was introduced last August as well, and makes its 2nd appearance here
  • Cylinder 1 x 5 1/2 with Handle (Friction Cylinder) in Reddish Brown (6446092 | 31509) has been seen in 2 other sets.
  • Minifig Shield Round Bowed [Plain] in Dark Stone Grey / Dark Bluish Gray (6139813 | 75902) has only been seen in 2 sets from 2017
  • Brick Special 1 x 1 with Scroll with Open Stud in Dark Orange (6429032 | 20310) was introduced in March 2023 in 2 HP sets
  • Plant, Pumpkin in Dark Orange (6426472 | 51270) has only been seen in 10314 Dried Flower Centerpiece
  • Helmet, Viking was introduced in 2020 for the Viking from 71027 Collectable Minifigures Series 20 in printed form. The plain version in Titanium Metallic / Pearl Titanium (6317230 | 67037) has been spotted in 2 other sets.

Building the village 

The village is made of 3 sections.

The first section is a small building. 

Inside we find a blacksmith constructing weapons and tools. In front of the building stands a nice pine tree and a rune rock.

The blacksmith’s fireplace is connected to bellows. If you pump the bellows, the fire will grow.

The next section contains the Great Hall.

Inside we find a fireplace that is built into the ground, cleverly using sloped bricks to close the sides. Some nice parts usage can be found in the construction of the roof, where a Ninjago neck bracket and sausages are used as roof ornaments. I also like the usage of grille bricks to simulate straw roofing. The Medium Nougat and Tan roof match great with the Reddish Brown and Dark Brown wood, with the Pearl Gold adding extra flavor and a sense of royalty while staying within the Viking vibe.

The final section has the largest footprint and features a walkway, a watchtower and high building.

I love the use of magic wands for hinges on the door, showcasing the versatility of the part. The rock the building stands on hides a cave. I expected a treasure to be found here, but that is probably more fitting in a LEGO® Pirates set. 

Naturally there are barrels of mead to be found, showing the new printed round tiles. Aside from Tile Round 2 x 2 with Bottom Stud Holder with Three Dark Brown Lines Print in Tan (6310499 | 69084) found in a 2020 Super Mario set, I was unable to find any round tiles that can be used as a barrel lid, so I hope we’ll get a version of this tile without the serpent at some point. At the base of the rock fish is dried.

The watchtower is connected to the building behind it by a rope bridge, using the Cable, Flexible 21L with 2 Connectors and Bars (2630) introduced at the start of 2023. It looks great, but I always have trouble fitting the clips straight, so it took some jiggling to get the bridge straight. On the positive side, the remaining crookedness does give it a more life-like look.

The 3 sections of the village are connected, but the presence of angled plates requires a technique using a bar-with-clip inserted in the hollow stud of a SNOT brick (light grey, center left) clipping onto a bar held by headlight bricks. I hadn’t encountered this technique before, but as far as I can find the technique first appeared in 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens from 2021. 

Standard clip and bar connections (such as the ones shown above left in yellow and white, and center right in light gray) don’t line up properly. Alternatively, Technic bricks and an axle can be used (seen on the right in white and yellow), but have some drawbacks depending upon the type of bricks used; round holes mean the sections can slide, while axle holes can hold on too tight. 

With the bar-and-clip connection, the sections are held securely, but can also easily be separated.


The finished model looks amazing and instantly recognizable as a Viking set. Aside from looking nice, the set is also suitable for play. The roof of the blacksmith and great hall can be taken off, and the backside of the tower can be opened up as well to provide room for scenes to be played out.

As mentioned, the color scheme is fitting; it gives the right vibe. The added specks of snow set the scene in a cold climate without covering up the rest of the colors. The set is a mixture of the 2 versions by the fan designer that made it to 10,000 votes, with the first version being darker with dark tan roofs and the second version popping much more, with yellow grille tiles for the roof and green for the ground. I think the final product is a good mix between the two, although I would add a bit more green myself to give it a sense of spring approaching. But that’s probably because I’m not fond of the dark days of winter.

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  1. If the runes would be bound, they could theoretically be read as something like ąᚦąs or ąᚦąR (roughly angthangs or angthangrrh, with a French nasal a), I guess, but it's a pretty strained reading, and as far as I know, the words won't mean anything in Old Norse, anyway...

  2. Good review!

    Since you mentioned the 2005 Viking horn piece, I thought I'd mention a fun fact—that part was originally molded in a harder plastic before being switched to a safer, more rubbery version later on. I don't recall exactly which year the change took place but I think it was pretty early on? Bricklink includes a note about this but otherwise doesn't distinguish the two versions.

  3. Thanks for the Review!
    I love all the prints and new minifigure parts in this set. Especially that Lego added 4(!) new leg prints and two new torsos, even though 3 pretty exclusive viking torsos have been introduced not so long ago...
    However, I am even more puzzled about the printing of the (numerous) new legs.
    Is it just me or do most legs graphically dont fit the torsos at all?
    It almost seems the designs have been randomly chosen... feels really odd to me.

    1. The bullhorn archer, in particular, feels mismatched. I wonder whether some parts might originally have been designed for some other set, that would appear later.

    2. A part of me wonders if the legs and torsos were meant to function independently so you could mix and match (since there are fewer Viking sets these days, so being able to mix and match the parts they do offer would allow for more variety). Same for why the torsos are all "unisex" (with no gender signifiers).

  4. My neurons activate whenever i see a zigzaggy staircase carved from rock.

    1. Agreed! That SNOT bit of rockwork stairs is lovely.

  5. The printed 1x4 tile with the sea serpents is actually an updated version of 2431pb043 from the Vikings theme. It was a very rare print, used only in 2 Vikings sets, the Green Grocer, and the 2007 Hogwarts Castle.

  6. Good review!

    I'm surprised that you didn't mention the design of the chieftain's throne, which to me stands out as one of the especially impressive bits of NPU in the set. A lot of the throne builds from sets I grew up with in the 90s had really bulky armrests, so I'm always pretty pleased when I see a throne design with an appropriate level of grandeur at a more compact size. And I love how this particular design utilizes these new-ish claw pieces not only for the armrests but also for an ornate gilded backrest!

    Another technique I found really clever was the construction of the small gables over the storeroom windows, with cheese slopes nicely sealing the gaps under the 2x2 curved wedge slopes. That said, in your photos, I notice you've accidentally attached the cheese slopes backwards, preventing these slopes from folding down fully, and creating an even larger gap beneath them!

    Overall, I think the designer did a great job improving on BrickHammer's original proposal. In particular, the dock here is a lot larger than in the Ideas versions, making it easier to moor larger ships here, and the Great Hall is also much more spacious, allowing all four minifigures to gather inside for a banquet. And while the cave lacks any hidden treasure like you expected, it does provide a source of brick-built iron ore for the blacksmith to use as raw material!

    Of course, some compromises were also made — for example, the set no longer includes any bedrooms like the two Ideas proposals, which makes me wish that the designers could have at least included a loft-style bed under the roof of the smithy to make up for the lack of a separate domicile. And no animals are included other than the two fish.

    But on the whole, I feel that this is a gorgeous rendition of BrickHammer's proposed concepts, and that the many refinements to the build far outweigh the drawbacks! It makes me very glad that the Target poll gave this previously rejected proposal a new lease on life, and makes me hopeful that perhaps other Ideas proposals passed over in earlier review periods might get similar second chances.

  7. any way to make the tower sturdier? It feels wobbly af, I feel like I missed something! I'm one more bag away from finishing (drawing it out as long as I can) Did I miss something?