27 February 2023

LEGO® Speed Champions review: 76918 McLaren Solus GT & F1 LM

Posted by Thomas Jenkins

We've saved the biggest (and I think the best) set of the March LEGO® Speed Champions sets for last, as we finally take a look at 76918 McLaren Solus GT & F1 LM.

24 February 2023

LEGO® Speed Champions review: 76914 Ferrari 812 Competizione

Posted by Thomas Jenkins
LEGO® Speed Champions 76914 Ferarri 812 Competizione didn't grab my attention initially. Its proportions didn't seem that dissimilar to last year's Toyota Supra and, next to the other two hypercars in the March lineup – the Pagani and Porsche – the design of the Competizione seemed quite conventional by comparison.

Nevertheless, despite their long partnership with the LEGO Speed Champions line, Ferrari always brings something new to the table. Take last year's 1970 Ferrari 512 M for example: a totally unique addition to the LEGO Speed Champions garage and maybe the best building experience of that lineup. Despite my initial reservations, the Ferrari 812 Competizione still proved to be an impressive set.

23 February 2023

LEGO® Ideas review: 21339 BTS Dynamite

Posted by tobymac

Today we’re taking a look at LEGO® Ideas 21339 BTS Dynamite, a set that uniquely has been based on a music video. More specifically, the music video for Dynamite by BTS. For the uninitiated, BTS is a mega popular Korean K-Pop band with a massive worldwide following.

21339 Dynamite gathered the required 10,000 supporters to enter the LEGO Ideas review process before being approved in February 2022 to become an actual LEGO set.

22 February 2023

LEGO® Icons parts review: 10316 The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell

Posted by Ben Davies

When details first emerged of the LEGO Group revisiting The Lord of the Rings franchise some ten years after the discontinuation of the original theme, as a Tolkien fan my interest was understandably piqued. Following the release of three sets under the LEGO BrickHeadz banner earlier this year, we're about to receive a set under the LEGO® Icons theme, in the form of 10316 The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell. 

At 6167 parts, it's a massive set, and I was eager to embark on the quest of reviewing it.

21 February 2023

LEGO® Technic parts review: sets 42152, 42153, 42154 & 42155

Posted by Zachary Hill

Four new LEGO® Technic vehicles roll out of the garage on 1 March 2023, equipped with all sorts of recently-introduced parts, plenty of recoloured elements, and even a few new panel moulds. Whether the set's got two wheels, four wheels, or two wings, they all make use of modern LEGO Technic bits while further expanding the selection for MOCs.

For my first review of this wave, I'm pulling the most noteworthy elements out of the boxes for your consideration. Pictured above from left to right we’ve got: 42154 2022 Ford GT, 42155 THE BATMAN - BATCYCLE™, 42153 NASCAR® Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, and 42152 Firefighter Aircraft. I will return with reviews of these sets' features and techniques soon.

17 February 2023

LEGO® Jurassic World review: 76956 T. rex Breakout

Posted by Eero

What if LEGO® Jurassic World sets had brick-built dinosaurs? I was intrigued by the presence of one in 2022's 76956 T.rex Breakout, and wanted to check it out to see if LEGO succeeded to bring the prehistoric predator to life with so-called normal pieces. Also, a brick-built Tyrannosaurus is definitely easier to refurbish than one of those prefabricated dinosaurs, so I gave mine bit of a facelift.

Left: ©2022 The LEGO Group.  Right: Eero's revised version.

15 February 2023

LEGO® Speed Champions review: 76915 Pagani Utopia

Posted by Thomas Jenkins

The super cars of Pagani blur the lines between automobile and art. Horacio Pagani's latest masterpiece, the Utopia, would look equally at home in a museum or a garage. I'm not a big car fan by any means but even I can appreciate this work of art! Let's take a look at the LEGO® version of the stunning 'hyper car of the future'.

13 February 2023

LEGO® City review and MOCs: 60338 Smashing Chimpanzee Stunt Loop

Posted by Thomas Jenkins

The LEGO® City Stuntz subtheme uses a number of unique elements in its sets' novel play features. Today, I'm taking a look at 60338 Smashing Chimpanzee Stunt Loop from 2022, which offers a nice sampling of the specialized elements featured throughout the Stuntz range.

09 February 2023

LEGO® Speed Champions review: 76916 Porsche 963

Posted by Thomas Jenkins

The Porsche 963 is the German automobile manufacturer's newest race car and draws inspiration from the 956 and 962 from Porsche's 1980s racing days. It was revealed last year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and just made its racing debut last month at Daytona. Better still, next month it's getting a brick-built replica in LEGO® Speed Champions 76916 Porsche 963, which we are looking at today.

06 February 2023

LEGO® Speed Champions interview: Christopher Stamp discusses new parts 3385 and 3387

Posted by Thomas Jenkins

Previously, we teased several new LEGO® Speed Champions elements that will be appearing in the March 2023 lineup. Today, we share another excerpt from our discussion with the theme's creative lead, Christopher Leslie Stamp, discussing another two new moulds in depth: a chassis and a wheel arch. 

03 February 2023

LEGO® Friends review: 41727, 41738 & 41741: For the Love of Dog

Posted by tobymac

Today's review is for all dog-lovers! Join me on a journey through Heartlake City in search of canines in need of rescue.

The January 2023 wave of LEGO® Friends sets includes 3 sets focused on dog rescue: 41727 Dog Rescue Center, 41741 Dog Rescue Van and 41738 Dog Rescue Bike. The LEGO Friends theme is known for introducing new animal moulds and these 3 sets are no exception.

02 February 2023

What are the new LEGO® parts for February 2023 and which sets contain the most?

Posted by tobymac

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I've created a list showing all 47 new LEGO® elements added in February 2023, with links to which sets they come in so you can check for the ones you might be interested in. And for those of you who instead prefer our list of sets showing which contain the most new elements, click here.