06 November 2022

2022 Skærbæk Workshop

Posted by Tim Johnson

In September, it was such a thrill to return to the wonderful Skærbæk Fan Weekend in Denmark, 3 years on... like nothing had happened... and run another of our popular LEGO® building workshops! 50 participants from around the world were given 100 minutes to build whatever they liked – they simply had to include one or more of the special selection of 2022  elements that we provided. Bucketloads of random parts were also provided, and as you can imagine it's quite the challenge. Especially first thing on a Sunday morning after a Saturday night in Skærbæk.

Get a closer look at what they came up with later in the article - and we hope that it inspires your own building!

After an insightful presentation by Jonas Kramm explaining the different ways he approaches building with seed parts, our builders received a tray of the 2022 elements we had chosen. They explored the weird and wonderful elements, figuring out how they could be connected, and deciding what they could represent. 

My immense thanks go to the Skærbæk Fan Weekend, the LEGO Group, and the brilliant New Elementary team for their support on the day! 

Photography was kindly provided by Mansur Soeleman, and without further ado, here are nearly 100 images to enjoy! 

Apologies that we didn't manage to photograph everything, and we don't have a record of who built what... although we have identified a few of the builders.

(Keyboard users; I recommend clicking the first image and then using arrow keys to scroll.)

All the seed parts, and nothing but the seed parts by Gary Davis

Thing, with legs by Emma Friman Browne @lego.memmla

Motorcyle by Anders Horvath

built and modelled by Ed Diment

by Andreas Lenander @drdoddo

by Andreas Lenander @drdoddo

by Peter Machalski

Scary beetle by Peter Röhr @rohr_bricks

by Emily Poole

Ralph even used the tray that the seed parts came on!

by Jonas Wide @widelego

Lamp sketch and a ship, Vic-Viper Hope, by Hugo Santos

by Emma Friman Browne @lego.memmla

by Ed Pearson

by Anders Horvath

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  1. I find that stab on Friends unnecessarily harsh. Not very knightly...

    (In that crane circus acrobatic ring thingie, the mini-dolls are accepted as equals, though...)