28 September 2022

LEGO® Star Wars™ parts review: 75331 The Razor Crest

Posted by Thomas Jenkins

LEGO® Star Wars™ 75331 The Razor Crest is the latest addition to the Ultimate Collector Series line and the first UCS set to be based on a Star Wars TV show. It comprises 6187 pieces, making it the third-largest LEGO Star Wars set, narrowly beaten by last year’s 75313 AT-AT which contained 6749 parts and 75192 Millennium Falcon which still reigns supreme at a whopping 7513 pieces.  In this first of two articles reviewing the set, we will look at all the new and interesting parts it contains.

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LEGO® Star Wars 75331 The Razor Crest
US$599.99/ £519.99/ 599.99€/ AU$759.99
6187 parts
3 October 2022 for VIP members, 7 October general sale
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Recoloured parts in The Razor Crest

Besides the minifigures, there are no new elements in 75331 The Razor Crest, but we are treated to 8 recoloured parts. My highlights among these are:

  • 8 x BRICK ROUND CORNER 5 X 5 X 1 WITH BOTTOM CUT Outs [No Studs Flat Top][1/4 Arch] in Light Bluish Grey (6407413 | 76795)
  • 2 x BRICK ROUND CORNER, CURVED 3 X 3 X 1 QUARTER CIRCLE in Light Bluish Grey (6407412 | 76797)
  • 158 x TECHNIC LINK in Light Bluish Grey (6348147 | 3711a)

Light Bluish Grey is the perfect colour for the Technic Link- I can't believe it took so long to see this element in this colour (It first appeared in 1978). I love curved elements and these unique shapes will surely be useful in this new colour.

The 5 other recolours are: 

  • 10 x PLATE 8 X 8 ROUND in Light Bluish Grey (6353794 | 74611)
  • 2 x SEAT / CHAIR 2 X 2 WITH CENTER SPRUE MARK in Dark Red (6410687 | 4079b)
  • 2 x BRACKET 2 X 6 - 1 X 6 INVERTED in Light Bluish Grey (6422925 | 64570)
  • 8 x BRICK SPECIAL 1 X 2 1 2/3 with 8 studs on 3 Sides (6301870 | 67329)
  • 19 x TILE 4X4 in Light Bluish Grey (6402193 | 1751)
SNOT bricks are always useful, and in a commonly used colour such as Light Bluish Grey, it's great to see these recoloured elements. The Dark Red chair (like the Technic Link above) is another element-colour combination that just makes sense. Now we have a new shade with which to upholster our creations!

Rare Parts in set 75331

There's also a bounty of rare parts to be had. We'll start with the Light Bluish Grey elements:

  • 2 x WHEEL RIM 75 X 15.8 (6268590 | 46334) (1 set, 10269 Harley Davidson Fat Boy) 
  • 1 x SLOPE CURVED 4 x 6 x 2/3 Triple Curved with 4 Studs (6166692 | 52031) (4 sets) 
  • 2 x CONTAINER BOX 2 x 2 x 1 WITH DARK BLUISH GREY IMPERIAL INSIGNIA PRINT (6318313 | 35700pr0005) (2 Sets) 
  • 1 x TILE 1 x 1 WITH RED/BLUE BUTTONS, POCKET PRINT (6346775 | 3070bpr0258) 
  • 2 x PLATE ROUND CORNER 3 X 3 WITH 2 X 2 ROUND CUTOUT (6383110 | 68568) (1 set, 10298 Vespa 125) 
  • 1 x TILE ROUND 1 X 2 HALF CIRCLE (6408629 | 1748) (1 set, 10497 Galaxy Explorer)

We also have some blue hues:

  • 2x BAR, RING 7L DIAMETER, WITH 2 AXLE CONNECTORS in Black (6360034 | 79851) (in 1 set 76391 Hogwarts Icons Collectors Edition)
  • 6 x PLATE 1 x 5 in Dark Blue (6384913 | 78329) (in 2 sets)
  • 2 x PLATE SPECIAL 1 x 4 WITH 2 STUDS WITH GROOVE [New Underside] in Dark Azure (6254046 | 41740)
  • 1 x BAR HOLDER WITH HOLE AND BAR HANDLE in Blue (6366181 | 23443) (in 4 sets)
Tom Loftus took an in depth look at the 7L diameter link in his review of 76391 Hogwarts Icons which remains the only other set to feature this part. It took a whole year for the element to turn up again, I hope it's not as long before we see it again as it's a unique element with plenty of potential uses; especially for creating cylinders and cones. 

Here are the green and earthy tones:

  • 2 x BRICK 2X3 in Bright Green (6366701 | 3002) (1 set, Everyone is Awesome)
  • 2 x PLATE 1 X 10 in Sand Green (6328184 | 4477) (5 sets)
  • 12 x PLATE SPECIAL 1 x 2 in Sand Green [Open O Top Clip] (6360075 | 44861) 5 sets
  • 3 x SLOPE CURVED 2 x 1 Inverted in Dark Tan (6353065 | 24201) (in 3 sets)

Some shades in red round out our palette of rare elements:

  • 2 x PLATE ROUND CORNER 2 x 6 Double in Dark Red (6175589 | 18980) (in 5 sets)
  • 16 x PLATE 1 x 5 in Red (6371582 | 78329) in 4 sets
  • 1 x EQUIPMENT WHIP in Red (6359866 | 88704) (in 1 set 10277 Crocodile Locomotive)
  • 1 x BAR 2L WITH STOP IN CENTRE in Red (6399645 | 78258) (in 2 sets)
I'm not a big train fan so the debut of the Red whip element in 10277 Crocodile Locomotive passed me by. Luckily it is reintroduced here and I'll definitely be using this part to create some exposed wiring in my MOCs. The Red 2L Bar would have been the perfect element to include in my Japanese Bridge MOC that I built for our Space Tools Parts Fest.

Printed Elements

Three new prints are included in the Razor Crest:

  • 1 x PANEL 3 X 3 X 6 CORNER CONVEX WITH CURVED TOP in Trans Clear (6405123)
  • 1 x PANEL 3 X 3 X 6 CORNER CONVEX WITH CURVED TOP in Trans Clear (6405124)
  • 2 x TILE ROUND 1 X 1 in Dark Bluish Grey (640215)

I always look forward to any new canopy elements that accompany a UCS set, and The Razor Crest delivers. That curved panel is a seldom-seen element, and the Trans Clear variety was last seen in 1992, in two LEGO Belville sets, though it was unprinted back then. I'm glad to see it make a comeback, but incorporating one of these elements into a build might prove tricky with their asymmetrical print. Nevertheless I’m always pleased to see the options for cockpits in starfighter MOCs expand. As César Soares explains in part 2 of this review coming soon, this was actually the element that defined the scale of the entire model.

The printed 1x1 tile bears a striking resemblance to an existing print which appeared in 75952 Newt’s case of Magical Creatures. They seem useful enough for a variety of creatures, so I hope they aren’t restricted by the Star Wars license and become more easily available. 

Stickers in LEGO UCS The Razor Crest

The sticker sheet is quite large but provides a relatively small number of actual stickers for such a massive set; it's just that the stickers themselves are really big. The designers opted to build some of the Razor Crest’s striking yellow stripes with actual LEGO elements, but I can’t help but feel just a little disappointed that they hadn’t eked out just a little more detail with bricks rather than relying on stickers, especially for the largest ones.
It’s not all bad though as there are some goodies in the form of the two carbonite frozen criminals that closely resemble the bounties that appear on the ship in the first episode of the series. And yes! That’s a ‘baby on board’ bumper sticker!


75331 The Razor Crest contains 4 minifigures: The Mandalorian, receives an updated design to his original costume, the Mythrol and Kuill are brand-new figures, and Grogu has appeared in multiple sets. The selection and exclusivity of figures in these large and expensive sets has been a point of contention among fans and it seems LEGO will continue to include exclusive minifigs in UCS sets to entice buyers.

The eponymous Mandalorian, Din Djarin appears outfitted in his durasteel armour (rather than the shiny beskar), as he did in the previous LEGO version of the Razor Crest, set 75292. In this ‘premium’ version of the figure, Din’s helmet has been enhanced with some extra printed details, and his arms feature some new armour plates. Din is represented by a Warm Tan head like in 75325 The Mandalorian’s N-1 Starfighter. Fans will be pleased to know that this time a Dark Brown hairpiece is also included, affording the option to display Brown Eyes (as he has been called) sans helmet. 

The Mythrol, though recognizable from his appearance in the first episode of The Mandalorian TV show, isn’t quite as impressive as Kuill. Rather than a new mould, the character is represented by new prints on the front and back of the head. The design is effective in conveying his character and his head will be surely useful as an alien extra to populate a diorama or MOC, though I can't help but think he would be better represented with a sculpted head.

Kuill has a new printed torso and a brand-new sculpted head. It’s a big departure from the previous ugnaught head but the designers have done well to capture the character’s likeness so closely. He’s an important character responsible for some of the most memorable moments, and one of the most meme-ified lines from the first season of the show, so I’m thrilled to get a minifigure version of him. I have spoken. 

Closing thoughts and a MOC

At 600 USD, the value for money is in the build and display rather than as a parts pack for interesting pieces. However, amongst the set's 6187 pieces, 75331 The Razor Crest does offer some wonderful new recoloured elements. The new Light Bluish Grey Technic Links will surely delight LEGO Technic and LEGO System builders alike.

The part that most inspires me is the 3x3 corner curved slope. Only two in Light Bluish Grey are included in the Razor Crest so I'll be eagerly awaiting their debut on Bricks and Pieces. But for now,  I have plenty in White in my collection.

The 3x3 round corners can make a convincing sphere when used en masse. The technique underlying this shape isn't too complicated:

These sub-units can easily be connected to form a ball. Or maybe a half-sphere for a bowl of ramen? It could even round out the top of a stormtrooper's helmets, to stick with today's Star Wars theme.

Hopefully my MOC has you in the Mandalorian mood. Come back on Friday for part 2 where I'll be building the set.
Editor: Chris Baginski

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  1. Cool to see the 4x4 tile in grey, I totally missed that it has already been introduced as a new element in Super Mario sets, great to get it unprinted in this basic color! Same goes of light gray chain links, it's about time!

  2. St. Louis Brick Co28 Sept 2022, 18:45:00

    Cool to have 6059 back in production!! Not made in clear since Paradisa

  3. Yeah : LBG chain links !!! At last...

  4. Was there a Baby on Board in the TV show, or is it unique to this toy set?

    1. Seems to be specifically "Child on Board" in proper Aurebesh. (Which basically just is a simple English substitution cipher.)

  5. These trans-clear CORNER CONVEX WITH CURVED TOP were selling for under 1USD on Bricklink before 2019.
    But after I released my MoC version of the Razorcrest in 2020, their price soared to over 30USD a piece for a while...
    Glad to see them back.

  6. Hey papaglop!!!!

  7. I think your razor crest is way better than Lego!!! Send me one

  8. I’ve been wrestling with a MOC that would be sturdier and maybe simplified by 8x8 round plates, which didn’t exist when I started, but they’re visible and the first few to appear were in colors I don’t want. They need to be light bluish gray (or light gray, but that’s not happening) or dark bluish gray, or maybe black could fit in. So yay! for them finally appearing in LBG, but boo! for it being only in this set, and the new policy of delaying adding them to Bricks & Pieces. But now that I know they will be available at some point, maybe I build with the wrong color for now, and sub in LBG parts in a few months when they become available/affordable?