10 June 2021

8-Year Old Elementary: Jonas Kramm's 8 LEGO® Pieces That Look Like An 8

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It's our 8th anniversary of publishing LEGO® articles today! As part of our celebrations, here's a fun article from Jonas Kramm.

To celebrate eight years of part analysis and geeking out with New Elementary I searched my collection for exactly eight LEGO pieces that look like an eight!

Let’s take a closer look, starting with the smallest one and going bigger every time!


The Minifigure utensil Binoculars (30162) have been around since 1998 and came in nine colours so far. With many connection points, this little piece can be used in all different places. The two little holes for bars right next to each other are unique to this piece - and also look like a perfect eight!


The most delicious eight in this collection is the Pretzel (10170) for sure. It also shows the number in an unusual asymmetric shape.

Rubber Liftarm

Not only System pieces can look like an eight but LEGO Technic too. Technic Axle Connector Double Flexible (45590) hasn’t just the two holes like many Technic pieces, but also the waistline to make it a proper eight.

Window Pane

The next eight-shaped piece is the Window 1 x 2 x 3 Pane (60608). The new version shown here comes in six colours to date. It fits in different window frames, but the creative builder might fit other ways to connect it as well.

Ballerina Tutu

Can you wear an eight? Why not! Minifigures prove it with the Ballerina Tutu (24087). The ruffled edges give the piece an interesting structure and I wonder what it could become in a micro scale build.

Brickheadz Glasses

We’re getting bigger with the round glasses for the BrickHeadz (35365).It’s a shame that this piece only appeared twice in 2018 and doesn’t get used out of purpose like the square version (35366) does.


Staying with pieces that consist mostly of bars the Bar 1 x 8 x 2 (2486) is next in our list of eights. In my collection it is sorted with the fences, but BrickLink and Rebrickable think differently here.


Eighth and biggest eight to celebrate New E is the Batpod - the container a Batman Minifigure (5004929) came in. Technically you could separate them without destroying the piece, but until then they count as a single element in my eyes.

The special piece not only has pre-applied stickers and plates glued inside, but also fits all the other pieces that look like an eight inside. The perfect way to store them!

That was my list of eight pieces which look like an eight. Congrats New E, again! I’m glad I could be part of this journey from 2016 on, when my first article went online featuring some techniques on how to build lamps.

Do you know any more LEGO elements that look like an eight? Let us know in the comments or using the hashtag #Celebr8NewE. I’m sure there are more!

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  1. Its strange that they didn't use the round BrickHeadz glasses on the new Harry Potter BrickHeadz set.

    1. The one with Hagrid? They'd probably have been too big (the Harry, Ron, and Hermione in that set use a smaller 3x3 base instead of the 4x4 base used for most BrickHeadz).

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. A fun round-up!

    35480 perhaps...?