18 November 2020

Which LEGO® sets have the most new parts? October & November 2020

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Time once again for our regular list of the newest LEGO® sets showing the quantity of new parts each of in them. I say regular – this one actually covers about 2 months because there have not been many new releases recently. Developed in partnership with TobyMac from Rebrickable, we show both quantity as well as overall percentage of new elements. So if you like to buy sets knowing they'll contain stuff you don't yet own, use our table as one of your purchasing factors. 

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Note that we define 'new elements' as being either:

  • completely new moulds, or significantly altered 
  • existing moulds in new colours (also known as 'recolours' or 'colour changes'), 
  • printed parts. 
We do not include elements that have been given a new Element ID by TLG despite having appeared in sets in the past, because they're irrelevant to builders.

List of LEGO® sets from October & November 2020 and their quantities of new parts

Key to columns

  • 'Quantity Parts' shows the full part count of a set, which you're used to seeing.
  • 'Quantity New Parts' shows how many of those are new. Say a set was completely old stuff apart from just 1 new mould but 8 of them were included: this column would therefore say '8'.
  • '% Quantity New Parts' shows the above values as a percentage. I feel this gives you a sense of the 'value' of the set, regardless of its size or price, by indicating what proportion of its elements you will not already own.
  • 'Elements' shows the number of unique pieces in the set, whether new or existing.
  • 'New Elements' shows how many of those are new. e.g. in the earlier example this would say '1'.
Set Quantity Parts Quantity Parts with new EID % Quantity new Elements Elements New Elements
854037-1 Christmas Ornament Santa4400290
75290-1 Mos Eisley Cantina
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5006290-1 Yoda's Lightsaber14011431
75318-1 The Child
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30625-1 Luke Skywalker with Blue Milk60060
77907-1 Toad's Special Hideaway Expansion Set12000700
40357-1 Bygglek
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40426-1 Christmas Wreath 2-in-151000590
40425-1 Nutcracker18000780
10275-1 Elf Club House1197613876
854038-1 Christmas Ornament Reindeer3400270
854050-1 Snowman & Reindeer Duo12500430
77904-1 Nebulon-B Frigate458001150
40404-1 Teacher's Day4300190
40438-1 Extra DOTS - Levi's Confetti Bag11076141
40410-1 Charles Dickens Tribute332311233
77905-1 Taskmaster's Ambush229311013
40422-1 Frankenstein10800470
21324-1 123 Sesame Street
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76161-1 1989 Batwing23621213269
30628-1 The Monster Book of Monsters31900900
10276-1 Colosseum903630832205
51515-1 Robot Inventor94981914514
11942-1 Lunar Lander4500220
40413-1 Mini Robots366621454

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  1. The colosseum absolutely dominates, as expected. Thanks for the handy summary.