26 May 2020

LEGO® parts review: 80105 Chinese New Year Temple Fair

Posted by Elspeth De Montes
The largest set so far within the LEGO® Chinese New Year subtheme is 80105 Chinese New Year Temple Fair. With 1664 elements, including 14 minifigures, this set was first released in January 2020 priced at £89.99 / US$119.99 / 99.99€. While this is a large set, what's even more exciting are the sheer number of new elements inside the box... so stand by for a veritable buffet of new elements.

Okay, we realise that it nearly June now, so 'new' might seem a bit hopeful, and yet many of these elements remain exclusive to this set. There are also a large number that have only appeared in one other set.  So we definitely felt it was worth dedicating a post concentrating on the new elements, and those of interest either for their rarity or history. Coming soon, we also have an interview with the designer of this set, Markus Rollbühler, where I ask some of the questions that arose during the process of discovering the new elements and building his set.
The first thing I did, as always, was to open all nine bags and find those new elements but even just looking at those sealed bags shows the beautiful array of colour within this set. It's an extraordinary parts pack, without even considering the build process and final model.

There are no new moulds in this set so lets move straight on to the recolours.

New Colours of LEGO Parts in 80105 Chinese New Year Temple Fair

There are three new elements in Bright Bluish Green/ Dark Turquoise, one of my favourite colours, as longtime readers of New Elementary will know.

  • Plate 1X2 with Bar in Bright Bluish Green/Dark Turquoise (6295286|60478), eight included.
  • Bracket 1x1 Upwards in Bright Bluish Green (6295369|36840), four included.
  • Plate 1X1X2/3, Outside Bow in Bright Bluish Green (6295358|49307), with a generous 23 included. This recolour also appears in 80104 Lion Dance, which only has six.

Two elements in the set are new in Bright Red/ Red for 2020. 

Firstly, the pumpkin (6293279|51270). The original version in Bright Orange/ Orange (6267125|51270) comes in seven sets. Whoever gave it its official name, Vegetable No. 3, seemingly avoided defining it as a pumpkin so it is ironic that this Bright Red version gives it a whole new purpose as a lantern. This new piece is again used as a Chinese lantern by another 2020 set, 43182 Mulan's Training Grounds, which we will review soon.

Similarly, the Minifigure Scarf in Bright Red (6173924|25376) follows on from the original Bright Orange version, first introduced in 2017 and found in at least seven other sets. There is also a Minifigure Scarf in Bright Yellowish Green/ Lime (6286833|25376) which has only ever appeared in this year's Modular Building, 10270 Bookshop.

Flat Tile 1X6 in Dark Brown (6295366|6636) joins the Dark Brown Tile Family to give us the option of using 1x2, 1x3, 1x4, 1x6 and 2x2 tiles in this colour.

Indian Feather W. Pin in Flame Yellowish Orange/Bright Light Orange (6299158|28958) joins the other available colours: Earth Green/ Green, White, Dark Stone Grey/ Dark Bluish Gray and the rarest: a Transparent Fluorescent Green/ Trans-Neon Green version from a couple of Galaxy Squad sets back in 2013.

There are six Plate 2X1 with Vertical Clip in Medium Azure (6134976|63868) included; also found in another set released in January 2020, 11006 Creative Blue Bricks.

The Minifigure Trophy (53017) is supplied in a lovely variety of six colours in this set, three of which are new colours for this element.

The three new colours are:
  • Earth Blue/ Dark Blue (6301330) (also in 70620 NINJAGO City with a different Element ID)
  • Bright Purple/ Dark Pink (6301339)
  • Bright Orange/ Orange (6301338)
As for the other three: Dark Green/ Green Minifigure Trophy (6299493) first appeared in 10766 Woody & RC released in 2019. Dark Red (6301335) has been in three other sets and first appeared in 70751 Temple of Airjitzu from 2015. Of course, Minifigure Trophy in Warm Gold/ Pearl Gold (6301337) is common, having appeared in at least 15 different sets over the years.

2 x 2 Sphere with Stud in White (6221773|37837) is new in terms of being unprinted in White. Previously the 2x2 Sphere in White was printed with the BB-8 Droid Pattern. It is also available unprinted in Black (6221776) in 76138 Batman and The Joker Escape from last year.

Ingot in White (6210076|99563) appears for the first time in this set and also in another set released at the same time, 71707 Kai's Mech Jet. There are eight in Temple Fair.

Fence 1X4X2 in Dark Red (6295360|3185) is a new colour in the fence family. Interestingly, the rarest colour in production is Medium Stone Grey/ Light Bluish Gray as it only appeared in a single set that was limited in its release, 10027 Train Engine Shed, from 2013.

1/4 Circle Tile 1X1 in Gold Ink/ Chrome Gold (6251591|25269) appears also in a set from Speed Champions, 76899 Lamborghini Urus ST-X and Huracán Super Trofeo EVO.

The Hat with Hair in Sand Blue With Bright Orange (6308993 |52686) is a new colour for this co-injected hairpiece, as we have already seen this mould in Cool Yellow/Bright Light Yellow with Medium Lavender (6275130|52686), worn by the character Parker L Jackson in the Hidden Side sets.

Printed Elements

There are no stickers in 80105 which means that a host of new printed elements are included instead. 

Let's start with the red tiles (once I've turned that pesky 2x2 around).

Row 1, left to right:
  • Flat Tile 2X2, No. 419 (6299002) 'fortune, luck' 
  • Flat Tile 1X2, No. 281 (6298979) - a red envelope with character for 'fortune, luck'
  • Banner W/ 3.18 Stick 3X8, No. 2 (6298980) 'wishing happiness and good luck'
  • Flat Tile 2X3, No. 32 (6299003) 'wishing great luck and great prosperity'
Row 2:
  • Flat Tile 2X3, No. 33 (6299177) and Flat Tile 2X3, No. 34 (6299178) 'Chinese New Year Temple Fair'
  • Flat Tile 1X3, No. 28 (6299843) 'blossoming of wealth'
  • Flat Tile 1X3, No. 25 (6298998) 'blessings of peace'
[Thanks to my friend Edwinder Singh for the translations.]

Flat Tile 1X4, No. 148 'Golden Dragon' (6299048) also appears in 80104 Lion Dance. There are four of these beautiful tiles in this set.

Tile 1 x 2 in Bright Bluish Green/ Dark Turquoise with Gold Lattice Trim Pattern (6299043) also appears in 80104 Lion Dance. These decorative tiles would be excellent as decorative elements in MOCs in general and there are seven supplied here.

Glass 1X4X3 with Traditional Chinese Warrior (6298983) has some great printed details and is used as part of a shadow puppet show stall.

White Tile, Round 1 x 1 with Yellow, Magenta and Blue Flower and Chinese Pellet Drum Pattern (6298993) is an attractive new print that may also be an fun tile for fans of LEGO DOTS. It reminds me a little of a print test image to check the ink colours of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. There are nine plus one spare included in the set.

    Mini Hat, No. 130 Panda Face Steamed Bun (6299006|20952) is not the first time the Mini Hat element has appeared in White, but the Steamed Bun print is new. The White unprinted version also comes in the set and was previously seen last year in 75977 Junkrat & Roadhog.

    Finally we have the 1x1 Round Tile in Brick Yellow with waffle print (6287774). I'm not going to lie, when I was first looking at the elements I had this element in the list for appearing in another set. I assumed that it was the same as the Tile 1x1 Round 'Eggo' in Brick Yellow (6275511) used in 75810 The Upside Down (seen on the right in the image). On closer inspection, this is actually a different waffle print as the colours used are not the same, very subtle but definitely different - how curious!

    Try this game of Odd One Out to see if you can find the Eggo Waffle!

    Elements Of Interest

    There's a large number of elements that have been found in only one previous set and therefore somewhat limited in availability.  It's always great to see an element appear again, especially if it was only in a large, exclusive or expensive set previously.  

    Here's the full list:

    • 2x4 Plate in Medium Nougat (6286500|3020) is an uncommon colour for a very common element. There are two in this set, but four also appeared in 75271 Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder which was also released slightly earlier; December 2019 in Europe. We will review it very soon. 
    • Brick 1X1 W. 1 Knob in Dark Brown (6251021|87087) has only appeared once before, in 21148 Minecraft Steve BigFig with Parrot. There are two in Temple Fair. 
    • Glass For Frame 1X2X2 in Earth Green/ Dark Green has only appeared in one 2019 set, 76120 Batwing and The Riddler Heist. 
    • Plate 1X2 W. 2 Shafts Ø 3.2 in White (6249273|18649) first appeared in 31090 Underwater Robot released in 2019. 
    • The White Bowl with Gold decoration (6258945|49993) only ever appeared in 80101 Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner, a limited release CNY set from 2019. While there is only one in 80105, it's great that this element has returned. 
    • Technic Brick 1x2 with 2 Holes in Sand Green ( 6283412|32000) first appeared in 75255 Yoda released last year and returns here with two included. 
    • 3x3 Corner Plate 45 Deg in Sand Green (6283412|32000) was first seen in the large (and pricey) set 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg! released in 2019. (Read Sven Franic's review here.) Now the element returns, with two in this set.
    • The Minifigure Baby Body 'Reindeer' in Bright Bluish Green (6217078|37249) has only appeared in one other seasonal set, 10263 Winter Village Fire Station from 2018. While it is common in the 'real world' to continue to dress your baby in clothing slightly out of season because it still fits, this rationale doesn't work in the LEGO world. I bet the designer chose this outfit as it had only appeared in one seasonal set.
    • As mentioned, Mini Hat, No. 8 in White (6221783|37840) is the unnprinted version for the Steamed Bun element. It was previously seen last year in 75977 Junkrat & Roadhog released in 2019. 
    • Panda Teddy (Element ID 6298991) has only appeared once before, in the hands of Panda Guy from 71004 The LEGO Movie Collectible Minifigure Series.  

    The Grey Lever

    Lever in Medium Stone Grey/Light Bluish Gray (6267587|73587) is an interesting element due to its  complex history of supply and demand. I felt it warranted a little paragraph or two all of its own.


    Between 2004 and 2008 this element appeared in seven sets but importantly five of these were large, expensive sets that became sought after on the secondary market after retirement. One of these sets, LEGO Star Wars UCS 10179 Millennium Falcon, was commonly 'Bricklinked' (the act of sourcing all the elements for a set on the secondary market as a cheaper means of owning it). Buying these levers to build it drove the price of this element sky-high.

    There are lots of examples of people paying a few of pounds or more for one element. The pile in this image above could have cost me more than a flight to Billund at the peak demand stage. 

    Moving forwards, the lever was then included in a 2019 set... yay I hear you say... well, sort of, as it was the very expensive 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer; an expensive set to buy as a parts pack. So inclusion in more sets is a definite plus in our book, even if it is just one plus a spare in 80105. 

    Minifigures in 80105 CNY Temple Fair

    We tend not to obsess too much about minifigures here at New Elementary as so many different prints and colours are created each year. Given the number in this set, we'll take a look but not list every new element and recolour.


    There are 13 minifigures and one minifigure baby, which is a huge amount of figures in a single set at this price point. Plenty of minifigures to populate the bustling Temple Fair area!


    The three vendors are the most interesting in my opinion as their new printed outfits are particularly attractive. On the far right is the food vendor who wears a printed apron with 'BBQ' while the other two minifigures have traditional dress, the older gentleman clearly wins in the effort competition as his tunic print continues onto his legs. Details are everything.

    All of the vendors have single sided print on their heads so I didn't remove their headgear for the rear view photograph.

    The two children are interesting for their headwear. The girl's Wig Bunches in Black (6259045|35701) has only appeared once before in the regional exclusive 80101 Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner. While not exclusive, the boys Hat in Brick Yellow and Red (6224753|36933) has appeared in only four other sets and it a favourite of mine.


    There are four male minifigures but the most intriguing to me is the Torso with Banana T-shirt (6275889), I'm not sure of the significance in relation to the set,  but I feel like there is a story behind this design.

    Lastly, we have the four female minifigures.  In terms of interest, the older female has a new torso (6298954) and leg (6298959) print that I can see being useful for those who enjoy building up either their Ninjago City populations or she could be a Star Wars extra. 

    Phew.  There we have a very exciting list of fantastic elements.  But this is not the end of our coverage of Chinese New Year sets, so stay tuned!

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    1. The banana guy torso was first introduced in the Hidden Side train from last year. So any story about why its the way it is would tie into the Hidden Side theme :)

      1. Whatever the story is, I just checked Bricklink parts for "banana", and that banana print doesn't match anything they've ever done before. I was thinking it might have been lifted from either the Gorilla Grodd banana vendor, or the CMF Banana, but those prints featured an anthropomorphized banana and the word "BANANA!" respectively.

      2. Perhaps he's a Velet Underground fan.

      3. Velvet Underground... Embarrassing typo...

      4. Reminds me of the evil banana on the clumsy kid collectible minifigure with the leg cast and crutches, but not the same design

    2. I dont have a lot of the trophy piece so I dont know if this is new or happened a while ago, but I noticed in this set that the heads of the trophies arent 3.18mm. The only other trophy figs I have are from Saturn V, and those ones *are* 3.18mm (yes I was sure not to count the printing). So for these thinner ones, a minifig hand is still capable of gripping them tightly, but most other 3.18 clips are not.

      And as soon as I saw them building this set I went on Bricks & Pieces and ordered 60 of them for my old bricklinked Falcon, haha. I wonder what Ill do with the 60 black levers they'll replace...

      1. As soon as I saw *the grey levers*, haha, not sure how that got cut out.

      2. Interesting as the one in 21029 Buckingham Palace was 3.18 as you can see from the image of my alt build:

      3. When they chromed parts, they had to make different molds for chromed/non-chromed parts because the chrome layer affects the final dimensions. Parts had to be molded smaller so that the chrome layer gave the same clutch as a regular non-chromed version. Maybe the drum-lacquered parts work the same way? I just checked my fridge, and the S2 Judoku and S4 Soccer Player both have trophy figs with bar-sized heads. I know for a fact that those are the original trophies, so another possibility is that when they got ready to produce them in Europe for retail sets, they may have cut the mold wrong to begin with, and later gone back and corrected it.

        BTW, it's worth noting that there are two distinct shades of gold drum-lacquered trophies. The original trophy from the Judoku is more like a white-gold, while the S9 Marilyn trophy is a closer match to pearl-gold.

    3. Hmmm, according to Bricklink, the fence part in 10027 is actually Old Light Gray, and a fairly common color. Some rarer colors, on the other hand is Reddish Brown (Two larger sets), Green (Three Minitalia limited release sets) and Light Violet (a single Belville set).

      1. Also, levers in 'Old Light Gray' was produced quite frequently between 1985 and 2003, and should be quite easy to find second hand, if you're willing to make concessions.

      2. 2003 is close enough to the shift in greys that it's possible that later production runs of 10027 used Medium Stone Grey instead. That would certainly contribute to its rarity! A similar phenomenon occurred in some of the 2005 Bionicle playsets, which started out using Sand Yellow Metallic/Flat Dark Gold for golden masks and other parts but shifted to Warm Gold/Pearl Gold late in the sets' lifespan, leading the Warm Gold versions (which pair better with modern parts) to be highly sought after.

      3. Andrew is absolutely right, there are Light Bluish Grey in 10027 for those released after 'the colour change'. If you check BrickLink again Håkan S. you will see a note against this set stating "The early production runs of this set featured Brown, Dark Gray and Light Gray elements but subsequent production runs have contained varying mixtures of Brown / Reddish Brown, Dark Gray / Dark Bluish Gray and Light Gray / Light Bluish Gray elements."
        Thanks :-)

      4. Blech. Regular retail sets were _mostly_ not affected by the color shift because they were either entirely produced before the color change, or entirely produced after it, but the bigger D2C sets that spanned a few years of production got messy. They would start out the production entirely in old colors (because that's all they had), and as they ran out of one particular element, they would gradually shift the entire model towards the new colors. Some made the full transition, I expect, but others only got partway before they were retired. The UCS ISD in particular was really messy, since it used so much light-grey. If you bought a copy before the end of 2003, you got a consistent shade of grey. Afterwards, there was a good chance that you'd get a random percentage of the model that looked like they'd chopped bits out and replaced them with something else. A significant range of parts ended up making the transition, but the entire thing was never, to my knowledge, shipped with 100% new colors. Now, it's possible that now, or sometime in the future, every light-grey part will have been produced in light-bley, so the entire thing can finally be built in whatever mix of colors you'd prefer, but for the most part original post-2004 ISDs looked pretty bad. It just wasn't believable as "weathering".

    4. Dark Blue trophy came with Ninjago City.

      1. Oops. You are right thanks, I should have known that as I have Ninjago City :-)

      2. I would assume that the pink trophy fig is also Bright Purple (the current dark pink) as opposed to Medium Reddish Violet (which hasn't been used since 2010)

    5. This set has so many cool parts and looks so good, that it is easily the Set of the Year for me. I will buy it at least 5 times ;-)

      1. Considering the holiday it commemorates it could literally be considered a "Set of the Year"! :P

    6. Small thing but 10027-1 Train Engine Shed came out in 2003 not 2013 ;)

    7. Can you post a photo of the mini hat element on the head of a minifigure? Is that element supposed to be a hat? Can it take plumes on the top?

    8. Actually "the banana shirt boy" means he is a Asian/Chinese but he doesn't know how to read or speaks in mandarin. By looking his hairstyle also different from other figure. Just like a banana, Yellow on the outside, White in the inside.