23 April 2020

Minifig Posing Stand: Pierre-E Fieschi's starfighters

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This year we have been examining an interesting new LEGO® part: the new posing element (Design ID 65578) known as "Handle, No.1", "Minifigure, Utensil Posing Stand, Bar with Hollow Stud" or "Bar, Angled with Stud on End". Following on from Jonas Kramm's and Kevin Levell's analyses, our final article reveals what gaming concept artist Pierre-E Fieschi (see his Instagram, ArtStation) created using the posing stands we sent him.

Mini LEGO TIE interceptor

I had the idea to make a mini TIE interceptor from Star Wars - which is one of my favourite TIE designs – using the 45° trans-clear thingies instead of the usual hinge/clip assemblies for the wings.

Mini LEGO TIE bomber

Once that was done I just had to make the bomber, which is also very high on my list of favourite Star Wars designs.

The Caiman

Finally, I finished a third little MOC of my own design.

I used the pieces mostly to angle the forward area and the gold grills near the midsection.

It’s more of an overgrown accumulation of tablescraps but to be honest I found the trans-clear minifig action posing thingies quite challenging to integrate, for a couple of reasons:

  • they tend to rotate a bit when the 3.18mm bar end is inserted into a hollow stud, which results in crazy, uncontrolled angles and makes intricate assemblies a bit difficult.
  • the trans-clear color makes it difficult for me to use as something realistic. If or when they come out in a grey shade they’re gonna be a big hit though, as the 45° angle is really useful and very compact. 

I also went into non-purist territory by making custom stickers for the solar panels. I 3D-printed a custom stencil, which I then used on some office supply transparent sticker sheets with gold chrome spray paint. Not as clean a result as I would have hoped but it was a first time doing this process, and frankly I was surprised it worked at all.

As a kid I had collection of Asimov children’s books about space. In one of them there was this page, and the bottom left image with satellites shooting at missiles always made a big impression.

So I guess the Caiman is inspired by that image from decades ago.

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  1. What's the trans-clear round dome used for the TIE viewports?

    That implementation for the angled "wings" of the TIEs is so spot on, I can imagine Lego using it for an official version in a future polybag or something. Very clever.

    1. It's the transparent chefs hat, I think from Spongebob? :D

    2. I didn't even know that piece existed. Used as jellyfish..genius. Always more to learn. Thanks!

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