08 November 2019

Recycle my Bicycle: The winners!

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Time to reveal the judge's five favourite entries to our recent building competition, where we invited you to use the new LEGO® bicycle frame (Design ID 50015) in a clever way.

We had 33 lovely entries. (Didn't see them? Check them out here!) We thank you all for building and hope you all had fun. Jaime Sanchez, the LEGO Element Designer who created the new bike frame (as well as the mountain bike frame from 2018), messaged us to let us know he's been following the results, "and the results have been excellent. Great contest and I look forward to seeing the winners."

So our judges, Elspeth De Montes and Jonas Kramm,  have now made the tough choices. Without further ado, here are the five equal first prize winners, in no particular order.

Lunar lander

Thomas Jenkins

"A great scene that uses the seed part in plain sight, but perfectly integrates it in the colour scheme. The structure of the bicycle looks great here and we like how it continues with the use of the white robot arms. The supplementary scenery adds just the right atmosphere."


Duncan Lindbo

"Connecting wheels to the bicycle frame sounds obvious, but this entry is a creative take-on far from looking like a bike. I like the inspiration taken from the Strandbeest combined with the builder's own ideas to make it an original design. Especially as the inside is true to the original and made of numerous flimsy pieces."

The Dead Rides Again

Eli Willsea

"A good looking model that integrates the bicycle frame in a prominent position. The use of various small elements with the same bar thickness as the frame doesn’t allow it to look out of place and the different connection points come to good use. Also the presentation is top notch, and Spring Yellowish Green is a great addition."

Gamebench 0937


"The four bicycle pieces used here give a great structure and we like how they form a subtle curve. Only nit-pick is that the room doesn’t do justice to a real gamer."

Valkyrie: Toa of Lightning

The Secret Walrus

"The cool colour scheme and the good presentation let this model appeal immediately. The bicycle pieces are a bit hidden, but the texture and connection points are used to the builder’s advantage nonetheless."

Congratulations, winners! We will be in touch to get your addresses, although we are not sure how fast LEGO can despatch them, because of the busy Christmas period. They say it could be as late as February but we hope not!

Thanks again to all participants, and to our judges.

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  1. I love that strand beast, definitely one of the most creative uses. Great builds all around!