13 November 2019

2019 Parts Fest #2: Peter Reid's Bits of Batman

Posted by Elspeth De Montes
Our next Parts Festival participant is Peter Reid, fan designer of LEGO® Ideas 21109 Exo Suit and father to an army of weaponised turtles.  Peter has taken part in previous parts fests and other articles on New Elementary so regular readers should be familiar with his fantastic LEGO builds and Spacer style.

I love the new Batman bits bags - Mini Accessory, No. 10 in Silver Metallic/ Flat Silver (6266155|40598) and Mini Accessory, No. 11 also in Silver Metallic (6266977|50018). The elements go really nicely with those hammer pieces in Silver Metallic (6037878|11106) and other shiny things too. The turtle's name is Michael.

Radar Dish

This long-range radar antenna is used to track space objects using the new Motorcycle Rim Ø 75 Solid in Medium Stone Grey/ Light Bluish Gray (6268590|46334) as the radar's central dish.

Engine Module

Another 'Batman bits and random metallic parts' tablescrap that also uses the Sphere 3X3X11/3, W/ Knob in Medium Stone Grey ( 49308 | 6263183 ) on either end of the Batman bits.

Space wall section

This wall section uses the Brick 1X6X4 1/3, W/ 4.85 Hole, No. 1 in Dark Stone Grey/ Dark Bluish Gray (6263879 |9699). I quite like the new binoculars – Design Plate, 1X1X2/3, No.1 in Dark Stone Grey (6263570|52494) – facing each other on this one, and will definitely expand it for a future model.

Robot Heart

The results of some messing about with hexagons using Plate 4X4, Circle, W/ 2 Knobs in Medium Stone Grey (6250188|32627) as part of the central core and a lot of Batman bits from both accessory bags .

Did I mention I really love the Batman bags?

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