07 September 2019

LEGO® Build a Minifigure: Exclusive elements from July 2019

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Back in July we published an article by David Gregory about some seemingly new colours/ decorations/ lack of decorations of LEGO® elements found in Build a Minifigure towers. In August our friend and avid follower AFOL Jack asked Vice President of Design Matthew Ashton whether these were intentionally being produced as exclusives – which Matthew confirmed! Meanwhile, Erik H. (HokayBricks) had been researching these new elements and shares his findings with us today. There are surely more than these, for example Erik hasn't tried to identify any heads yet – so if you are aware of more, do comment!

The parts described below are all completely new – they have not appeared in any official set prior to the release of the July 2019 batch of new parts for Build a Minifigure towers at LEGO Stores worldwide. For comparison I have photographed most of the previously released variants of each design, with the new one on the right.

Long Straight Hair (12890) is now available in Bright Orange/ Orange, previously available in Cool Yellow (one Collectible Minifigure and Build a Minifigure) and Black (one set). This piece debuted in Cool Yellow with the Trendsetter from Collectible Minifigure Series 10 in 2013.

Rubber Long Straight Hair with Bangs (Design ID 17346) is now available in Cool Yellow/ Bright Light Yellow, previously available in Black (in two Collectible Minifigures), Dark Brown (two sets), White (two sets) and Dark Orange (one set). This piece is sometimes known as the Spooky Girl hair as it debuted in Black in the Collectible Minifigure of this name in Series 12, 2014.

Male Smooth Hair with Spiked Bangs (35699) is now available in Medium Nougat/ Medium Dark Flesh, previously available in Cool Yellow from one Collectible Minifigure: the Birthday Party Boy from Series 18 in 2018.

Dual-Molded Police Hat with Hair Pulled Into Bun is now available in an Earth Blue/ Dark Blue and Cool Yellow color combination, previously available in Earth Blue and Dark Red color combination (Element ID 29770; one Collectible Minifigure) and Earth Blue and Reddish Brown color combination (Element ID 30725; three sets), both with varying printing patterns. The printing pattern on this new blue and yellow color combination is identical to that of the blue and red one.

There is a torso available in White with a new printing pattern depicting a shirt with a baseball mascot and "CHAMPS" text with a baseball glove in Reddish Brown on the left arm. The printing pattern is entirely new, though the glove was previously available (one Collectible Minifigure and Build a Minifigure).

As mentioned previously on New Elementary, Curved Mermaid Tail (95351) is available unprinted for the first time, in Dark Green/ Green. It has previously been available printed in this same color (one Collectible Minifigure) as well as Sand Blue (one set), Sand Green (two sets, two distinct printing patterns), Light Royal Blue/ Bright Light Blue (one Collectible Minifigure) and Medium Lavender (one Collectible Minifigure).

Lower Body Skirt (36036) is now available unprinted in Bright Red/ Red. Unprinted versions of this design have previously been available in Black (one set and one Collectible Minifigure), Sand Blue (one set), Dark Stone Grey/ Dark Bluish Gray (one set), and Earth Blue and Medium Nougat (both of which were Build a Minifigure exclusives earlier in 2019). This design is also available in an even wider array of colors if you include printed pieces.

Dual-Molded Legs Assembly (21019) is now available unprinted in an Earth Blue and Black color combination, previously available but printed (one set). Black printing on Dark Blue pieces can be hard to see – trust me, the legs on the left have printing.

Dual-Molded Short Legs (41879) are now available in a Bright Yellow/ Yellow and White color combination, previously available in a Brick Yellow/ Tan and Light Nougat/ Light Flesh color combination (one Collectible Minifigure). I find it strange that LEGO would choose to produce this particular color combination. I think it’s safe to say that we are meant to believe that for dual-molded short legs, the top color represents the minifigure’s pants while the bottom color represents the minifigure’s bare legs or footwear. I’d say these color choices are cheeky, to say the least.

Dual-Molded Legs Assembly (21019) is now available in a White and Bright Yellow color combination with a new print pattern featuring Bright Red minifigure heads, shown on the left in the picture above. This color combination was previously available unprinted (Build a Minifigure) as well as with a Bright Red paw print pattern (one set). On the right you see that the same piece is also available in a Sand Blue and Bright Yellow color combination with a new print pattern depicting cut-off jean shorts with pockets. This color combination is new, though other previously available Sand Blue combinations include Sand Blue and Dark Red, unprinted (one set), Sand Blue and Earth Green/ Dark Green, unprinted (one set) and finally Sand Blue and Black, printed (one Collectible Minifigure).

Radio Boom Box with Handle (93221) is now available in Black with silver printing, previously available in Lavender (one Collectible Minifigure), Black (three Collectible Minifigures, two distinct printing patterns), Medium Stone Grey/ Light Bluish Gray (three sets) and Bright Orange (one promotional set). The printing pattern of the new element is identical to that of the Lavender variant as well as one of the two Black variants.

Standing Cat (32714) is now available in Dark Stone Grey, previously available in Medium Stone Grey (one set and one Collectible Minifigure), Dark Orange (six sets and one Collectible Minifigure), Black (one Collectible Minifigure) and Medium Nougat (one Collectible Minifigure), all with distinct printing patters. The face printing of the new piece is identical to that of the Medium Stone Grey variant but does not have its chest printing.

Sources referenced in the writing of this article include,,, and the author’s own memory, which he likes to think is pretty good.

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  1. That "Champs" shirt is 100% the Cincinnati Reds' mascot Mr. Redlegs! Interesting choice since he is so famous.

  2. I do have a nice picture of other elements that have been exclusive to the BAM towers in the past few years? If you want me to send them you way dm me at my Instagram, love your guy's content

    1. I would love to see those pictures as I am trying to complete my Bam figures

  3. Another hair recolor you missed: the Long Wavy Hair with Ponytail 28432 (used as Barbara Gordon's hair in the LEGO Batman Movie sets) in Cool Yellow! They sure are being genorous with the new hair colors :)

  4. There's also that new lions shield!

  5. Yeah, I bought 322 of those and distributed them among 20 odd lugmembers. They are really nice. Watch out for 3 October though. New parts are incoming including a harlequin wig with the two ponytails in orange and black Halloween edition.

  6. What set our the sand blue yellow legs from