24 August 2019

2019 Parts Fest #1: Samuel Pister's tube and king

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Samuel Pister (Pistash on Flickr and Facebook) is a French LEGO® builder and member of Lug’Est. His wild and colourful style seemed the right fit for the wild and colourful elements in our Parts Festival!

When I received the different parts shipped by New Elementary my first question was, “What will I do with this giant coral gear?” (Gear Wheel 6x6, Z14 in Vibrant Coral 6258385|35446.)
Obviously there were two main difficulties with this part. Firstly this element is designed to be used as a functional element, a gear in rotation, not for aesthetic effect. Secondly, the Vibrant Coral. I love this newest colour introduced by LEGO but it is not natural and very difficult to integrate in MOCs.

Despite these difficulties, it is always feasible with LEGO parts to find solutions and that is one aspect of the hobby that I particularly like: everything is possible.

For my first use of the gear wheel I went with the idea of making a paint stain by including most of the Vibrant Coral parts currently available. (Message to those inside of TLG; we need more elements in this colour…!) I created a tube of paint with a little cheese slope mosaic, writing out the name of the colour.

This white tube shape allowed me to also use the Left Roof Tile 3X3, Deg. 45/18/45 (625460|42862) and its partner Right Roof Tile 3X3, Deg. 45/18/45 (6248671|48165) as both are suitable to finish the particular shape of a tube.

It would have also been possible to include another of the seed parts, Mini Hat No. 46 in Medium Stone Grey/ Light Bluish Gray (6254404|33492), for the head of the tube but unfortunately I was using Dark Stone Grey/ Dark Bluish Gray.

The King comes from 2 ideas. The first idea was for using the Plate 1X1X2/3, Outside Bow in White (6258135|49307) – when I received this part I said: cool, excellent new teeth!

The second idea was to use Mini Hat, No. 46 in Medium Stone Grey (6254404|33492) as eyes. The picture below shows a breakdown of them: a white dish, the grey mini hat with a Technic rubber (24375) inside it. This gives some beautifully bulging eyes.

The Warm Gold/ Pearl Gold Crown, No. 1 (6257048|39262) is used here for what it was intended… a crown.

Here is a tablescrap to finish, experimenting Turntable 2x2 Female in White (6238334| 27448).

I was trying to find some parts that will fit in this hole. I found that Bar with Light Cover / Bionicle Barraki Eye (58176) well goes inside and gives the possibility to continue with the bar connection. I made a little pawn by adding two other parts.

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