17 August 2019

2019 Parts Fest #1: Jarekwally's flowers, vase and butterfly

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Our second Parts Festival participant is Jaroslaw Walter (jarekwally on Flickr, Facebook & Instagram), a Polish LEGO® builder living in Ireland who is a member of the LEGO User Groups LUGPOL,, and Here's the first of the varied creations he's made for us.

Building LEGO should make us happy. Personally I build to de-stress and forget about everyday problems. It helps a lot. I like enter to my room, sit down and combine different elements. At some point, ideas come to my mind. 

For this creation I used various parts from the selection provided by New Elementary.

When I've made flowers before, I always had problems with creating the vase. 
I've realised that it should be something different with a nice shape, so that’s why I used the sloped wedge bricks (Design IDs 42862 and 48165).

For the flowers: the large gear (35446) in Vibrant 
Coral which I think works well with Flame Yellowish Orange, and underneath, the inverted waffle cone (52116).

The butterfly was challenge for me. Here I used five of the different seed parts (
39613, 52116, 39739, 28660  and 39262). 
Everything is connected by a 1x1 brick with 4 studs on the sides.

Many of my models are created under the influence of the moment, only a few are planned.

The most important thing is to build and not worry about the final design of the model. You can always put it aside for a moment and come back to make corrections after some time.

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