22 February 2019

2018 Parts Fest #2: Devid VII's mecha, radiator and more

Posted by Elspeth De Montes
The next builder in our LEGO® parts festival is Devid VII, an Italian builder whose work I have admired for sometime, especially his mecha creations. Devid showcases a variety of ways to use our chosen parts festival elements, including this fantastic mecha just for us!

Devid uses the Black Lamp, No. 1 (Element ID 6227901|Design ID 37776) within its structure; a great way to maximise the lamp's handle as a connection to create an extremely flexible hinge joint.

Here is another mecha utilising the lantern. It's the amount of space between the 3.18mm bar connection point and the lamp itself that give it such a generous degree of rotation.

It even works in a minifigure-sized exo suit too.

David also used White Candle No.1 (Element ID 6234807 | Design ID 37762), the small size of which adds to its versatility. In terms of circumference it sits in between the 3.18 bar and the 1x1 round brick but is generally within the small scale needed for minifigure vignettes.

In this scene, Devid's little researcher appears to have a small spillage issue - just remember to put the lids on tightly.

The candle also became the handle for some paintbrushes in Devid's hands and we previously saw Ralf Langer utilise this element in a similar manner with his felt-tip pen, as it makes a sturdy column when connected end-to-end.

This radiator is quite possibly one of my favourite uses of the White Tile 1X3, Inverted, W/ 3.2 Hole (Element ID 6223491 | Design ID 35459).

Devid used a 3.18mm bar through the central hole to connect each of the tiles together; simple but very effective!

Devid also examined the square BrickHeadz glasses, Black Lattice 2X6, W/ 3.2 Shaft, No. 1 (Element ID 6208551 | Design ID 35366), which first appeared in 41597 Go Brick Me

He utilised the 'clip light' plate (Design ID 4081) to create simple connections to make an effective fence...

...which can also be turned into a climbing frame for some minifigure children to fall off.

Thanks to Devid for taking part in our parts fest and especially for building the super-posable mecha for us!

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  1. That yellow chemical leak looks a bit like a magician's hat, I think.

  2. Good use of the pantograph pieces as a bike rack in that last pic too.

  3. You know, I made it almost all the way through this post without knowing who wrote it. Right up until kids started getting tossed off of playground equipment...

  4. I love thats minifigure exosuit!
    Can u make a tutorial?

    1. Hi it was Devid who created this minifigure Exosuit. He has made tutorials for some of his other creations, but not this build. If you look on his instagram, he has made many different exosuit variations and in some colours it is much easier to see the individual elements so it can be recreated. Have a look here: