29 November 2018

2018 Parts Fest #1: Tim Goddard's BrickHeadz (and spaceships)

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We sent a varied selection of new LEGO® parts from 2018 to some fan builders to build at home, and Tim Goddard (co-author of LEGO Space: Building the Future, plug plug) not only built at home but also down the boozer. Following on from his main builds that we posted two months ago, here are some fun extras.

On the second Monday of every month, London AFOLs hold a gathering in a pub near Euston station. Prosaically, the meeting after I was given this parts selection, London AFOLs had a meetup and that month it was a BrickHeadz-themed evening.

I went prepared, taking this sub-build which uses the interesting hooped minifigure accessory (Element ID 6207840|Design ID 35485) which is only found in LEGO Super Heroes 76100 Royal Talon Fighter Attack and 76103 Corvus Glaive Thresher Attack.

Using the healthy stock of parts provided at the pub I ended the evening with this post-apocalyptic version of myself...

You can tell it is post-apocalyptic because I have a piece of metal in my hair and a futuristic welding torch in my hand to defend against zombies.

The winner of the best BrickHeadz model built that evening went deservedly to Drew Hamilton for his creative model of Cyclops.

With Brickheadz being all the rage, I also had a completed one to take along which uses a few of the parts from the parts festival selection.

Here's a quick breakdown.

I have not yet used the new triangle 2x2 tiles, which came in White (Element ID 6217875 | Design ID 35787) in my selection, so here we go: a microscale space ship with lots of interesting parts use including the new lamp (Element ID 6227901 | Design ID 37776) seen in LEGO Harry Potter and City sets.

Here you can see it docking a space station that I am working on at the moment.

I actually already used these triangles early in the year to give a bit of texture on another spaceship.

I have one more model to show you. My mid-scale Y-wing needed a bit of a rebuild around the cockpit after a bit of constructive feedback from Gary Davis that it could be better ;) I thought I would build a bit of Death Star surface to act as a new stand and I have incorporated some of the parts festival pieces in it, can you spot them?

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  1. Interesting Y-Wing rebuild.

  2. Love the BH skelly, might have to build one myself ;-)