06 October 2018

PdC Parts Fest 2018: Triangle tile

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At Paredes de Coura (PdC) Fan Weekend in Portugal in June 2018, New Elementary ran a workshop where 25 builders were given 11 of the new LEGO® parts released in 2018 to experiment with. With the clock running, they used these in combination with general part stock (provided from the magnificent collection of Comunidade 0937) to create as many ideas, tablescraps, techniques and small MOCs as they could and we’re sharing the most interesting and useful ones with you.

The triangle tile (Design ID 35787, aka Tile 2X2, W/ Deg. 45 Cut or Tile, Modified 2 x 2 Triangular) was introduced early in 2018 within the Speed Champions theme and is already a firm favourite with fans. Let's see what our fan builders came up with.

Some builders used the tile to represent things... beautiful things!

However many builders seemed more interested in the geometric aspects and applications of this element.

One noted how the long edge sits pretty nicely against a 60° triangle road sign (Design ID 30259).

Another person explored how the tiles can surround other elements rotated at 45°.

Here is a similar experiment using 2x2 tiles.

This builder managed to position these tiles flush against one another...

Which as you might be able to decipher from the above, was no mean feat!

Again, someone managed to sit tiles flush together – this time to make an octagon.

Here's a peep under the hood.

Here's a similar effect created in quite a different way... using the front fender piece, which you can see more uses of here.

Here's that build split apart to show its construction.

Here's a nice effect that could be used to represent corner shelving or some sort of engine or greebling on a spaceship.

Stacking the tiles is achieved fairly simply by stacking plates with clip, and then the builder used some sideways building to 'wrap' the orange panels around the corners of the tiles to create that interesting effect.

We hope you've enjoyed this latest set of ideas and found them inspiring and useful!

Our thanks to Comunidade 0937 for providing the brick stock and the assistants, to PdC Fan Weekend for the opportunity, to The LEGO Group for providing the new parts, to Andrew Tipping for the fantastic photography and to Sven Franic for his excellent introductory presentation. Most of all, thanks to the builders!

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  1. I love the aperture idea.
    I haven't used this part much yet because I do everything in the LDD, in which we don't have it yet, but I had used it for the shaping on the nose of this MOC (as well as the new fender part, and also the spoiler that we now have in black):
    So yes, it can work along with the triangle sign.
    And talking about parts, we now have this bike frame in LBG as well.

    1. It'd be interesting to see that in a camera MOC someday. I liked it, but I'm more partial to the tall ship, even though the sails look a bit odd for what should be a square-rigged mast. But in high school I worked for a guy who made small wooden boats, and someday I'd kind of like to take a ride on an actual tall ship.

  2. I bought a baggie of the grey ones at BrickFair, which I've used on the back of my phone case to make a zigzag pattern. They're great parts and I wouldn't be surprised if they're someday almost as ubiquitous as cheese slopes in MOCs.

  3. Guido Martin-Brandis7 Oct 2018, 00:20:00

    Sorry this is only tangentially related to this post but thought this would be the best place to ask - is the 4 x 4 macaroni tile 27507 appearing in standard blue at any point in the future?

    For that matter is the above triangle tile appearing in standard blue?

    I’m already looking forward to the “anti-slipper” in blue which I think Is in the Spider-Man/venom mech set.

    1. What is the "anti-slipper"? Could you provide a link or part number

    2. @Purple Dave:
      Thank you, I would not have thought of those two parts when I was trying to figure it out, but it absolutely makes sense now.
      Incidentally I was working on something a few weeks ago that would have used the "anti-slipper" in blue until I realized it didn't exist yet.