22 September 2018

LEGO® Unikitty: The 3x5 Cloud

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Today we start a series of four posts where Sven Franic examines some fascinating new elements from the LEGO® Unikitty! theme.

The piece used as a collectible minifigure stand for the 41775 Unikitty! blind bags is called 'Design Plate 3X5, No. 1 Tile' by TLG, and 'Tile, Modified 3 x 5 Cloud' by BrickLink. The Design ID is 35470 and it comes only in White as Element ID 6223667

. I guess that's because the weather is always gleaming in Cloud Cuckoo Land which, if you ever watched The LEGO Movie, you will know is a very vibrant place gushing with rainbows and covered in ice cream sprinkles. 

Unlike regular rectangular minifigure plates it has three studs, but the most unusual thing about the piece is its footprint of 3x5 studs; five studs is a very uncommon length for System elements.

It is nice to have an irregularly shaped tile with a seamless side and no visible stud notches like most round plates and tiles have. The back side of the tile has 15 usable anti-studs. It can be placed directly onto a plate leaving only the four corner studs around it unusable.

I couldn’t find anything to match the radius of the blobs, not that it would be very useful if I had.

The element definitely has more potential as a decorative piece than a utility, so I tried using it in a build. For a start, I wanted to use it as an actual cloud. Android phone users who follow Google’s weather forecast might recognise this character.

In an effort to imagine the piece as a different kind of blob, I tried to pass it off as spilled milk in a very simple scene (using a DUPLO brick with a cow print).

Finally, I used the element in a slightly abstract way as two-dimensional animals in a scene of a girl counting sheep to sleep. 

It will be interesting to see if the element is ever used in a set, and how all the talented builders out there re-imagine this piece. Stick around while we continue exploring the weird and wonderful new elements from the Unikitty universe. 

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  1. I love the open top of the milk carton was pulled off. Neat technique.

  2. Inspired by this article I bought one of these today (the Dalmation dog one as it happens) intending to use the cloud piece as maybe a splash of paint (my MOC has a guy doing some painting in white at the top of a ladder so a big white splotch of paint where the guy spilled his paint can could be interesting)

  3. I love the bedroom scene and counting sheep. The bunny slippers are adorable, the potted plant looks adorable, and the mounded sheets on the bed top off the realism!