10 February 2018

2017 Skærbæk Parts Festival: Cristiano Grassi and Oscar Cederwall

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Two participants of our parts festival at Skærbæk Fan Weekend last September continued building with the new LEGO® pieces after they got home from Denmark.

Oscar Cederwall

Oscar was very interested in the strange Minecraft railway track piece, Plate 2X2, W/ Design in Reddish Brown (Element ID 6163991|Design ID 27928).

He pulled some crafty moves to set the whole of the interior of this flower box at 45°.

Here, he combined its wedged end with Black pentagonal shield tiles (Design ID 22385). But hang on, what about that central diamond?

"That's a Minecraft head in the middle," Oscar explains. "It's a REALLY tight fit. Only for those who like to explore the tolerances of their LEGO bricks!"

Here is one using a 2x2 Modulex tile instead.

Note also, of course, that Oscar explored the capability of the Minecraft piece to offset parts on top. Its unique "half-module" bump on top fills the gap created by offsetting.

Cristiano Grassi

Cristiano went for some adventures in microscale. First, this beautifully proportioned sailing ship using minifigure satchels (Design ID 61976). And I love that palm tree!

His travels seem to have landed him in Tibet at the foot of this small temple. I love all the staggering here, using various jumper plates such as the new Plate 1X3 W/ 2 Knobs, in Black (Element ID 6199908|Design ID 34103) and the 1x2 plate with rail in Dark Red (Element ID 6186005|Design ID 32028) which was one of the new recoloured parts we included in the festival.

The fence is of course the new Ninjago Fence 1X4X2 W/ Shaft No 1, in Black (Element ID 6195092 | Design ID 32932). See more ideas using this piece here.

Up on top, he's spotted a similar curvature between the new Ninjago Mini Hat No 19, in Dark Brown (Element ID 6198018 | Design ID 26007) and good ol' telephones (Design ID 6190).

Thanks so much guys! In a week or two I will show what happened when we took the same seed parts to London AFOLs for an evening.

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  1. Awesome builds! My favorite is the one with the Modulex tile.

    By the way, this is off-topic but I thought I'd share anyway -- The Brothers Brick did a great post highlighting the cool new parts in 75954 Hogwarts Great Hall.