23 May 2017

NEXOGON: The Nexo-mixer

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Take a ride with Gary Davis (Bricks for Brains) as he presents another creation for our parts festival using the LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ Combo Power shield (Design ID 27255). 

This simple mixer ride came to mind when I was thinking about using the Nexogons to create fractal patterns. Fractal patterns occur throughout the natural world whereby one simple shape is repeated multiple times to create complicated patterns.

I needed a base for the mixer and it suddenly came to me that a giant Nexogon would be a neat solution.

Together, they make the Nexo-mixer!

The fractal pattern here uses only three sides of the six sided Nexogon, although the final Nexogon (containing the people) uses the bar on the other three sides to support the safety rails.

Like all good mixers, the riders can accelerate the rotation of their own pod by pulling on the wheel in the middle. Until I motorise it, they'll need to rely on me though!

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  1. Wow, well done sir! When I first examined this piece, the three 2x2 fields of studs on each had me thinking of ways to use them as minifig seats on a playground merry-go-round or amusement park ride. I even considered swapping out the seats on my 10244 Fairground Mixer for some sort of Nexogon-based assemblies. But your Nexo-mixer is at a whole amazing new level, and I love the enormous brick-built Nexogon base. Assembling giant Lego elements from regular Lego elements even relates back to your original fractal inspiration, in a way.

  2. This is just so cool, I absolutely love the idea. The Nexogon is so "home" in this MOC. Well done sir!

  3. That is very cool - and while I love classic space, this is probably the best build so far using the Nexogons.

  4. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. And I've been trumped at making a large version of this piece!