11 April 2017

NEXOGON: The Hunter’s Camp

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We're back for the second wave of our parts festival, NEXOGON, where selected builders from around the world use the new LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ Combo Power shield (Design ID 27255) to create inspiring models. Today sees our first build from Gabriel Thomson (qi_tah on Flickr) from Melbourne, Australia. (Although that's my hometown, sadly I've never met him!)

This simple, small tent belongs to a hunter in the desert. I imagined the grey material of the roof would be the hardened hide of some beast, decorated with fur trimming, woollen cloth sides and sigils for good luck. (Click to enlarge.)

This build came about because I came up with a similar pentagon-based construction to Gary Davis in his post of geometric experiments, but instead of the supporting clips being vertically stacked, I placed them side by side. This allowed me to wedge a 6x6 dish underneath the clips, which gave me a base to work on for closing over the centre hole.

I used this construction in another quite different creation; come back tomorrow to see it!

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  1. Is that brown part on the torch some kind of a Brickarms piece? I don't recall seeing it ever before.

  2. That looks like BrickWarriors to me.

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