24 April 2017

Minecraft 2017: Steampunk Spider

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Jonas Kramm has sort of been running a mini-parts festival here on New Elementary recently using a piece from the new LEGO® Minecraft sets, and today he brings it to our other parts festival...

For this build I combined the 'birdhouse' plate (Design ID 27928) with another part that is being reviewed on New Elementary currently, the Nexogon (Design ID 27255). The result is a three-legged Steampunk spider creature.

As an extra bonus I managed to include monochrome minifigure heads (Design ID 30011) in the new colours of Transparent Red (Element ID 6173950) and Transparent Green (Element ID 6179551) from 21133 The Witch Hut and moreover two cube heads from the Minecraft skeletons in White (Element ID 6162386, 19729pb004 on BrickLink) for the steam. As with the flower pot in my previous build, the printing has to be turned to the backside.

The 3x3 dish in Reddish Brown fits exactly between the raised taps of the seed elements. For the bottom part of the spider I used a Ninjago parabolic windscreen (Element ID 6108477|Design ID 18591), filled with various gears and other greebles.


After playing around with the new mould a bit, I hope I have shown that this piece can come in handy for different themes. On the one hand it’s a bit weird and not so easy to build in properly, but on the other hand the element gives the possibility to achieve new structures and allows new techniques.
I’m sure other builders will find other uses and I’m looking forward to see them!

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  1. This is fantastic! I especially love how you put gears in the "head" or "cockpit" of the spider. The pixelated steam is a great touch too! Great usage of 27928 and 27255!

  2. Yeah, this is awesome! The grill slopes work very well, and I love the "brain" thing and the pixelated steam, like Josh Brent said. Also, I love the use of the Hero Factory mini figure arms, with the way they support the legs. It seems they slide to allow the legos to go up and down, but I suspect they'd pop off if you lowered the leg. Nothing you can do about that, though (unless you went to the dark side and stretched the clips of the hands so that they're loose).

    The whole thing reminds me of a B'omarr monk from Star Wars:

  3. Cool creation! I love the clear airjitzu top! Is there a reason one of the legs only has one 1x1 round plate with hole?

    1. Ooh, good eye! I suspect it's an accident, or he ran out of them.