20 March 2017

NEXOGON: Classic Space scene

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We left you on a bit of a cliffhanger when we showed you Kevin Levell's initial creations for our parts festival using the LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™Combo Power shield. Wait no more: let's blast off into Classic Space!

When I was building spheres for my NEXO Globeships, I heard the news that The LEGO Movie Sequel would be set in space. Surely this would mean 'Benny's space': Classic Space, the 'space' of my childhood? Suddenly my sphere needed to be a dome, a habitat or space lab for spacemen! (It’s probably pertinent to mention that I had just seen The Martian too.)

I’ll admit, I got a bit carried away after I had the ‘Hab/Dome’ built.

I guess it's the potential for lots more new Classic Space parts with moon logos and interesting windscreens in Transparent Yellow that set me off on a bit of an imaginative whirlwind. Could this be "Nexogon-Classic-Space"!?

I built as much as I could using the Nexogons I had. There needed to be a spaceship (spaceship, spaceship) for Benny.

I was unashamedly trying to ape the overall shape and colour scheme of classic sets 918, 924 and 928 here. [Also, Kev has channeled the clean simplicity of pocket money sets like 885 - Ed.]

I wanted a rover in there too, I knew that I’d never be finished in time for the annual Flickr challenge Febrovery, but that didn’t matter!

Luckily my BrickLink order came in and it contained (amongst other things) a lovely Transparent Yellow Cockpit 4X8X2 W/Angle/Shaft (Element ID 6170827|Design ID 21849) from 70909 Batcave Break-In [available via our Amazon USA and UK affiliate links - Ed.]

As a final little nod to the Space sets of my childhood, I built a little robot, using a Torso No. 1 (Element ID 6129994|Design ID 24078) just to make sure I had a bit more of the Nexo Knights theme represented!

Here's a closer look at the Hab, which re-used approximately the same construction method as the Dark Red large Globeship.

There are lots and lots more possibilities and there are already many excellent, truly inspiring and utterly unique explorations of the Nexogon from my co-contributors. I look forward to seeing where this parts festival takes us all!

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  1. I like these a lot! A variety of applications and every one creating something fantastic. (The triangular shape in the Rover trailer was something that I had pondered for details in a 2001 Spaceship as well as the sphere at the front.)

  2. You are very talented! All of these builds are really cool and well done.

  3. Love this scene! Very nice inspired range of use for the nexagon, I didn't even notice it had been used for the rover trailer at first.

    1. Thanks! There does seem to be a lot of different ways to use the Nexogons!

  4. I feel sad for the red Classic Space guy 'cause he doesn't have a nexogon....

    1. I feel sad for the black Classic Space guy, who's been completely ostracized...


  5. And when is this going on Lego ideas? I'd buy the, ummm, stuffing out of it.

  6. I saw your miffed comment on someone's Lego ideas contest entry. You should definitely enter this, and not let that put you off!