28 March 2017

Minecraft 2017: Techniques using LEGO® part 27928

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Taking another small break from our parts festival, today sees the return not only of the interesting new Minecraft piece (which BrickLink have named 'Wedge, Plate 2 x 2 Pentagonal with Center Stud and 1 x 1/2 Raised Tab on Top') but also of Jonas Kramm and his apparent predilection for street furniture!

In my previous article I showed you a long list of highlights from the new LEGO® Minecraft sets. Today I will present you the first ideas I came up with using the new mould, the modified 2x2 wedge plate in Reddish Brown (Element ID 6163991|Design ID 27928). Luckily we get a great number of this part — 24! — in the set 21130 The Nether Railway [available from Amazon US and Amazon UK], so I could play around with some ideas that use it repetitive ways. The generated structures immediately inspired me to build two fence designs.

The first design makes use of the pointy end of the new mould, while the second idea benefits from the negative space you get when you connect the points towards one another.

I wondered how this structure would looks like when the negative space gets filled, and the result is an interesting wall panelling. With the mixing of 2x2 tiles in Medium Blue and Light Royal Blue [TLG]/ Bright Light Blue [BL] the scene gets some colour, and as a detail on the wall I added a candleholder made from a Minecraft sword (Element ID 6093621|Design ID 18787) in Warm Gold[TLG]/ Pearl Gold[BL].

While I’m really happy to have this element in Reddish Brown, I hope to see it one day in other common colours, as it gives some great new possibilities for brick-built architecture. Until then it can be used best in wooden structures, like here in a pillar from the main hall in Edoras.

More ideas to come, so stay tuned for my continuation soon.

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  1. Lovely. The humble fence steals the scene!

  2. This piece has "medieval" written all over it!

  3. I've got white half-pins, but are those white 3/4 pins?

  4. I think they are tan pins, its the lighting

  5. I love it. Now I kinda want that set. It also comes with lots of yummy curved tiles to. Hmmm I'll have to see if it goes on sale at any point at work(Walmart). Great read. :D

  6. I would like to see more of that floor in the third pic pls.