26 November 2014


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Just a note to say I've no time to put a post together this week... as AFOLCON/Brick 2014 is here in London, and today consisted of some 200 or so adult fans enjoying seminars and setting up displays in the MAAASSIVE exhibition hall. However I'll try to post bits and bobs on social media, so keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook feeds. Here are some tidbits from today.

The best thing about today was someone quietly pointing out that the minifig heads from Minecraft are 'in System' after all, so I was wrong in my recent post on the subject. By placing a 1x2 jumper and a 2x2 jumper next to each other, two Minecraft heads align. Now that is nice.

The many sessions today included...

Keith Severson from CEE. Did you know.... excluding the US, there were some 16 million bricks delivered to fans via the LUGBulk program this year?!

Jeremy Williams gave a (very colorful) rundown of the Exo Suit campaign alongside the team.
Pictured here - Yvonne Doyle, Tim Goddard, Mark Stafford, Pete Reid.

Alice Finch gave a really detailed look at how she built her massive Hogwarts and Rivendell.

Speaking here is Sophie, the Minecraft Community Manager at TLG but the session was actually given by Minecraft designer Max Valembois who provided some great insight into the development of the sets and new elements. Apparently the difference in the size of minifig heads and animal heads was deliberate, so that you can't put Steve's helmet onto an animal - as this cannot be done in the game. 


  1. So the Minecraft heads are 1.5 stud wide ? With the neck, I guess it means they're 2 studs (5 plates) tall. If so, they could be used for pavements : one could put them next to 1x1, 1x2 or 2x2 tiles and create nice patterns thanks to the offset.

    1. They're 4 plates high. Actually to my eye they look microscopically larger but I'm probably wrong.

    2. Thanks ! Well, at 4 plates high, they could still be useful for pavements. :D

  2. I LOVE Alice Finch's Hogwarts!!