28 October 2013

LEGO Space: Building the Future - Exclusive Trailer!

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It's a book... it's a cool book... it's such a cool book, it has its own teaser trailer. And the guys behind LEGO® Space: Building the Future have been kind enough to give New Elementary readers the first ever look!

And that's not all; this time tomorrow I will be posting an interview with Pete Reid, who co-authored with Tim Goddard. Pete will tell us about some of his favourite classic and rare elements used in the book.

I'm excited. This new fan-created book has been developed by a team of world-class builders, photographers and computer boffins over the last two years. In addition to Pete and Tim, Chris Salt, Ian Greig and James Shields worked on the project and the whole team has remained fairly tight-lipped about the exact contents, and indeed this animation doesn't give much away!

The trailer is the work of Chris Salt (0ldScratch on YouTube) and I highly recommend checking out his other stuff; for starters I love Jane's Brain, Brick It and the promo for 2012's LEGO® Show in Manchester UK, which never fails to make me giggle.

We don't have long to wait now before we get our hands the book. According to Amazon, LEGO® Space: Building the Future has official release dates of October 31 in the UK and November 11 in the US, so there is still time to get it at pre-order prices. Following these links to purchase helps support New Elementary.


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