31 July 2022

See entries to our contest: Make a Wishbrick

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Our LEGO® building contest, Make a Wishbrick, is well underway, with more than 70 entries received to date, and you still have 3 weeks left until entries close! At this stage we thought we would make the gallery of entries public, so that you can enjoy what people have created so far. View all the current entries below, or click here to open the gallery in a new window.

We have 4 great prizes that you could win! 

1 first prize of LEGO Marvel Sanctum Sanctorum (set 76218) and 3 runner-up prizes of LEGO Galaxy Explorer (10497).

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  1. Its very clear the 1x2 (studs on both sides) piece is desirable. But lego would put a hole through the studs to save weight. mega construx has this part and I plan to obtain a few to see how they can be used in mocs.

    essentially Lego can just copy a lot of the parts from mega construx.

    1. You can buy a lot of stud inverters on Ali already, 1x1's, 1x2's, 1x4's & more, from half plate to full plate thick, in lots of colors.

      What I have a hard time finding in bulk however, and what Lego will never make (that's for sure) are those tiny lone studs for underside-to-underside inversion.

      That's why I probably won't enter this contest btw, most of my dream parts already exist out there, only not as Lego.

  2. Man, quite a lot of creative ideas here!

  3. Nice to see so much support for this. Good luck to everyone

    (Glad I wasn't the only one who needed that axle connector)

  4. I don't understand this contest at all. How is it going to be judged? According to "imagination" "creativity" and also the build quality?

    There are parts e.g. a 1x2 plate without groove(!) like a tile that would probably change the way what can be done forever. But it's boring and not imaginative or creative.

    Or do you measure creativity by how useful that part would be?
    I scrolled through all those entries and most of them are quite obvious: really usefull but not creative at all but just plain obvious. Slopes with studs, double studs... Stuff like that. Optically there ar all the same and quite boring.