27 June 2020

Join the New Elementary team

We are looking to expand the team at New Elementary! We pride ourselves on creating the finest original longform content celebrating LEGO® parts, techniques and sets. As time goes by, more and more people are enjoying our work but contributors occasionally move on, to focus on other aspects of their life (or to start working for TLG in a couple of cases!) and while lockdown has allowed us more time to dedicate to the site, it is proving a strain overall – which is a very nice problem to have!

So we’re looking for the best, most passionate and talented fans to help. We see it as an opportunity to indulge your favourite hobby; a prominent platform to show your skills to the world and to refine them further.

Regrettably these are not paid positions (ironically, focusing on revenue generation is something Tim is trying to find the time to address). That said, any LEGO we send you is yours to keep afterwards.

“Free LEGO? Where do I sign up?” Well, there’s no such thing as a free lunch ;) It takes many hours to analyse, build, photograph and write each New Elementary review. We will provide you with guidance and support, but you need to be a talented self-starter.

We encourage people to apply who are underrepresented in the LEGO fan community, especially women and non-Caucasian people, as we have few such contributors currently.

We have three different roles available. Note, this is not an invitation to our Parts Festivals – we may well do so later on but not right now.


As you know we publish a variety of articles on New Elementary and so the skills of our contributors vary. So you may have some of these skills but not all and that is to be expected – however we do need you to be a good writer who is able to photograph LEGO.
  • Writing. We won’t describe the style we’re looking for because we’d hope you already know what makes a great New E article. But needless to say you must write in an engaging fashion about a highly nerdy subject! English does not have to be your first language but you do need to write extremely well in English; otherwise the subediting work becomes too great for others. The form will ask you to show us one example of your writing.
  • Photography. You need to know how to take nice pictures of LEGO with a proper camera with decent resolution; your phone probably won’t suffice unless you have a proper set up. The form will ask for a link to your LEGO pics online. It doesn't have to be pics of your own creations, but we need to know you know how to shoot LEGO!
  • Analysing parts. Having an encyclopaedic knowledge of LEGO parts is great! However it is not essential, as everyone needs to put the time into researching articles to ensure they identify which elements are new. You need to have a passion for parts though, otherwise you simply will not enjoy this. We’re not looking for the usual set reviews you find online.
  • Building. Being an awesome MOCcer is great, but far from essential. We’re more about inspiring people to get building than making their jaws drop with every post. We are however looking for people who do build, because part of element analysis is understanding where they fit in System and how they might be used.

We’re also looking for help in a couple of other areas, where we’d anticipate you have some experience already and are looking for a way to use it in your hobby, to improve your existing skills. You could do these roles as well as reviewing, or maybe just on their own.

2. Subediting

  • This means taking finished articles from contributors and lightly correcting them, and applying our defined house style. You need excellent English and some prior subediting experience because you need to know when to correct and, more importantly, when not to.

3. Social Media 

  • We’ve rapidly increased the volume and variety of our posts across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook as well as content for our Patreon feed. We need someone to take completed articles and post the assets as engaging content, as well as creating some original content for social. The goal is not only to drive people to the longform articles on the site but also to grow our social feeds as platforms in their own right.


  1. I would potentially be interested in the Analyzing Parts position, but before I apply I would like to ask a couple of questions.

    First, do I need to take the photos of the new elements I've identified, or will the individuals who applied for the photography position cover this as well. I am not interested in investing in a solid photography setup.

    Second, what is the time commitment like? One or two sets being analyzed a month? More? Less?

    Thank You for your time.

    1. Thanks for asking! - OK I was not clear enough in the description, have edited so hopefully makes more sense now. For the contributors role, we would expect you to take the photographs. We only get one copy of each review set so it would not make sense to have one person write and another photograph. Sorry!

      Time commitment is up to you, and the form asks how long you anticipate being able to spend. It is a factor in our decision but ultimately, talent is more important.

    2. Thank you so much! If you want an example of the photo quality I can provide, take a look at this article here.
      The article was also written by me, so it should provide a solid idea of the type of writing one could expect from me on this sort of thing.
      Lastly, how do I prove my ability to properly research and spot new elements/recolors? It's certainly something well within my capabilities, that I enjoy doing on my own time already.

    3. Mention that in the 'why you would be great for New E' bit

  2. When I'm filling out the form and it asks for an article example does it need to be a complete article with pictures or only the text is enough?